Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Our Butter Bean

Norah has three speeds.

Speed one: Fast asleep

Speed 2: On her way to dream land or
just coming back from it...
She's soft and fuzzy then. My favorite!

Speed 3: Looks something like this...

This girl, like all puppies, I guess, loves to play.
She spent fifteen minutes entertaining herself
(and me) with the doorstop the other day.
Norah learned that pouncing on it set off a
b-OING sound...
It drove her crazy with joy.

I wish these pictures had audio.
She dressed that thing down with
growls and barks. So vicious.

She loves her toys.
Didn't take her long to understand they were there for her.

But her favorite play toy of all is Killian.

I'm amazed how patient he is with her.
She chews him everywhere from head to heals.

There is some evidence that his patience is not endless
because we often see Killian's paw-to-the-head move
during playtime. I mentioned it in an earlier post, and
now I'm armed with a visual --
It's a two part step.
Here is in in action...

My most favorite time of day with them --
heading to the grass patch in the morning.
It's a huge area less than a block from the house
with tons of room to run.
It's still nice and cool at the first part of the day.

The three of us bond and do Norah training.
On this weeks curriculum --
going potty outside
following mommy
responding to the "come" command
walking on her leash.

Alright I'm almost done here.
Still with me?
For those of you who are,
just one more set...

Here she is retrieving the ball --
something new on her list of skills.
I'd like to take credit for teaching her this,
but I think it's just part of her make up.
It's still fun to do with her -- makes her so happy!

Her training is going good --
What can I say, she's gifted.

I'm so happy we all get to share this life
together. Norah and Killian both make me
smile a thousand times a day.
Thanks, D, for letting us have puppies.
I couldn't do it without you!

This entry makes for like my third dog
related post, and as much fun as I am
having with these two, I am sure
you're tired of hearing about it!
So, my next post promises
a little more variety. Until then...


Trujen said...

I love puppy updates!
The pictures are awesome! My favorite is the one with Norah's ears flopping while she tackles the door stop.

I'm so glad to see Killian playing good with Norah. So cute!

What a beautiful family. Might be fun to see the four of you together?!


SashaP said...

She is absolutely beautiful!!!! I remember when we got our two, they were the best entertainment and brought something so special to our lives. I know many thought we were nuts going so koo-koo over puppies but, they were our babies and the biggest joys of our lives....when they weren't destorying things that is =) Anyhow, have fun and enjoy every minute, they grow up way too fast.


giuseppina said...

this might be the cutest puppy ever!