Sunday, June 17, 2007

Baseball, More Baseball and Birds

Hello!! I have a few topics and times to share
today. I hope you enjoy!!
For starters, we've been enjoying some baseball here in Arizona!

It's Off to See the Diamondbacks!

The Peningtons took a big group of us to see the Arizona
Diamondbacks last week. We had such a great time. It
was just a really good group dynamic and energy.

David watching the game

It was nice to hang out with Jerry and Victoria. We hadn't
done anything with them in quite awhile, and it gave us a chance
to get to know the kids a little better. We had only met them once
at the airshow last fall...

Jerry and his son, Ryan




I also got to meet a few new people, which I loved.
None of the pictures we snapped are amazing photos, but
I thought I'd introduce everyone anyway.

This is Taylor, Laura and Darla.
Laura is a friend of theirs -- their attorney's wife.
Darla is engaged to Pat, who works with Jerry. She just moved
here from the northwest not too long ago - super nice person.

To the far left is Pat, Darla's fiancé.
Garth, the guy to the far right, is PCIs intern for the summer.

Brian Moroney
This was his last night in Arizona. On Friday, he moved back
to Portland, Oregon. Bye, Bri! Best of luck to you.

David and me on the ride home.

They took a picture of Victoria, Darla and me when we first got there.
You should be able to see it, if you want by clicking here. It actually
turned out kind of cute!

And to wrap up that night -
Here's a picture of me embracing my inner 10 year old.
Taylor was doing this with her sunglasses.
I figured, when in Rome...

Baseball game with Lindsay and Michael!
The next night, we headed back to Chase Field to catch another
game, but this time, we weren't rooting for Arizona. Michael is a
big Boston Red Sox fan. So, we switched! Where are our loyalties,
right? It was fun to watch the game -- the Red Sox killed 'em!

Michael and Lindsay pregame.

Lindsay and me at Sliders for Blue Moon!

Linds took this one of Manny Ramirez.

Bye, Bye Birdie
A bird made its nest behind the wreath on our front
door this year. We couldn't see it very well since it was
tucked out of view, but last week I cracked the door
open an inch to grab a couple pictures. (These were
taken from inside the house through the opening in
the door while I was standing on a chair.) I peaked
in when I noticed the mom wasn't there chirping
and feeding so as to cause the lease amount of
disturbance -- it actually gave me a pretty good
look at the babies. There were two.

They were fun to have around, but their
stay was pretty short. They took flight a
week ago Tuesday.

Good bye and good luck, little birds.
We didn't mind not using the door for a couple
weeks. Maybe we'll see your mommy back next

That's it for today. Thanks for stopping by!


kimberlykwan said...

holy smokes!
this is the mother of all blog entries, Sam! you are shaming the rest of us.

i am SO glad i got to meet you last I know my Teague adores you so are a way-cool chica and OBVIOUSLY a good pal to her! after reading your section on Keith (which was incredibly moving...what a beautiful tribute!) i wanna hang with you more!

Lindsay Teague said...

update update update!!!!! I love Sam!!!