Monday, May 14, 2007

Just Moving Right Along

Some good stuff happening in our corner of the world...

I wrote a couple papers for school -- very happy with.
Finals came and went. So, my semester is finally
OVER! (Thank god - I needed that one to end.)
Ready for a clean slate! Summer school starts
May 29th.

I've done a bit of front yard landscaping. Still have
a little tweaking to do on it, but it's getting there.
It was fun though -- I planted ten plants. We might
move one of two of them to the back and replace
them with something bigger.

We celebrated David's 33rd birthday.
(Happy birthday, baby!)

We were able to switch from a black lab puppy to a
yellow one, which is what we originally wanted. And
I think we've settled on a name for her. Lily. We got
an updated picture that is so precious! I can't believe
how adorable she is. We'll get to bring her home in just
under two weeks on Memorial Day Weekend.

If you want to see updated pictures of the the whole litter,
click here. They're pretty amazing. Looking at them just
makes me giggle.

In the meantime, Lily's big brother has been busy being
wonderful. A day doesn't go by that I'm not thankful Killian
is part of our family. The other day he got excited when the
winds kicked up outside, and draggred his outdoor bed into
the lawn for a good thrashing... It was pretty cute. He was
out there for almost an hour playing in the wind, just happy
to be.

(See the wind under his ears?)

Another day, David was on the couch relaxing and Killian
decided he couldn't get close enough to his daddy by
snuggling with his legs. So, he climbed right up on top of
him. Yeah, he has no idea he's almost 90 pounds. Not a clue.

I have three weeks before summer school begins.
There are 8 million and twelve things I've been
meaning to get to; So, now is the time. I've got quite
a list of things to do but I'll be carving in a lot of
R&R, as well. Just looking forward to hanging out
with David and getting a few things done. Pictures
and blogging included!

And lastly, here's a couple of random little things...

Lizard on the kitchen window

These plants are all over around here. We have two
in our backyard. So pretty.

p.s. I dropped my phone in the pool last week.
So, you'll have to call the house phone if you
want to reach me. I'll probably get a replacement
sometime this week. Honestly, I haven't really
missed it yet. I guess when I do, I'll buy another
one. Until then, it's land lines for me.

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TruJen Phtography said...

Fun stuff! Love the pictures of Kills.
Good update. :o) Although you didn't share how you did in school?!?!?!?!
Lily is so cute! I can't wait to see her interact with Kills. I bet he'll love the company.
Enjoy your time off. I say forget the phone for a couple weeks. Take the time for yourself and D.