Thursday, April 19, 2007

Coming Soon...A NEW BABY GIRL!!!

And it all started with a grilled cheese sandwich.

I was browsing the Internet and local classifieds
last night for litters. (That's how we found Killian.)
David wanted un sandwich au fromage. So, he said
he'd look while I made it. That's when he came across
a breeder in Utah. They advertise here because
they're willing to bring the puppies down, giving them
an excuse to visit family in the area. I talked to this
guy for quite awhile. The doggie parents sound
wonderful, as did he. Long story short, we just
decided to do it -- site unseen. I'm so glad David looked
-- I don't think I would have stopped at a site from
someone out of the area. But I feel so good about this!

Our new baby is a girl, like I said before. He only has
two females left. So, we'll get to choose between them.
They're both black labs. I might of guessed we'd get a
yellow, but it really doesn't matter. In fact, I feel good
about it because I've read that a lot of great dogs get
passed over because they're black. (I guess they tend
not to photograph as well. I'm sure we'll be able to
overcome that! Maybe it'll be the photo challenge
I've been looking for.)

She's only two weeks old right now. Owen, the breeder,
said they just opened their eyes yesterday. So, she
won't be here until late in May. The timing works out
perfectly -- I'll be on my summer school schedule
then, which is when we got Killian. It gives me more
time to be at home focusing on important things like
potty training, not chewing our stuff, bonding, and
more bonding! I CAN'T WAIT!!

Wanna see pictures?
Click here to see the dad
Click here to see the mom
Click here to see the girls!

It'll be interesting to learn what she ends up looking like.
The dad is 95 pounds and pretty boxy. The mom is much
smaller at about 50 pounds and has slender lines around
the face and chest. (Killian is almost 80 pounds with very
field-and-stream kind of features. He doesn't have the
boxy English look at all, but I want them to have their
own individual look.) I think she'll be perfect.

We've had a few other things happening around here
this April...

Had two trees and some plants put into the yard.
Art (David's dad) spent 12 days with us. He painted
our bedroom -- a yummy buttery, yellow color.
David and Brian Moroney did the second coat with him.
(Thanks, guys!) D and I had six crowns finished between
the two of us. (Cha-ching!) I went on a super fun date with
Lindsay last Saturday. Six weeks of company in the past
few months has had us away from the gym and eating big
dinners. So, it's time to REGROUP! Just in time to study
for finals.

Here's a couple pics from last week...

David and dad at the golf course

Brian Moroney, Art and David in painting mode

Post painting relaxation in the backyard

My sexy husband - I love that man. I really do!

And with that, I must work on a paper and do some reading.
So, it might be a bit before I get around to another post.
Au revoir!

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Trujen said...

I just wanted to say congratulations! I'm very excited for you.
I'll have to write later though, I'm super tired. It's 11:10 PM, WAY past my bedtime.

I can't wait to meet her!