Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Wine, Sweet Wine. You Taste So Good To Me.

It's official. PCI rocks.

You likely know by now that PCI is the company David works
for. They have taken such good care of us over the past six
years. Granted,I think David's taken good care of them, too,
but that's what he gets paid for. Still, they plan so many nice
things for their employees by way of rewards for all their hard
work and time. Not only that, but they often include the
employee's spouse (that's me!) in the festivities, and they
always go all out.

Our most recent special treat was no exception. This time we
were whisked away for a long weekend in Napa Valley,
California. We were so excited to go -- see a new place, learn
about wine, do some tasting, and hang out with everyone.
But it wasn't just any weekend....They treated us, with the
help of tremendous planning on Kim Baldwin's part, to a
luxurious and unique time. I've got to tell you about it!

Our weekend included a day at the spa, plenty of meals,
an amazing tour of some smaller and more intimate wineries,
and golf for the guys. But they didn't stop there, which would
have been plenty and then some.

They planned for us to eat lunch in a cave filled with barrels
of wine, a huge Renaissance style table and lighting to match.
On another day, they took us to dinner at Cooks and Books
and Corks where we got to go to a couple's house -- which
was absolutely flawless including a kitchen-to-die-for and a
view to match. There, this dynamic couple taught us how to
make the dinner they planned, they let us assist in putting it
together, and then they served us an incredible menu with
wines that were the perfect accompaniment, of course.
There was just too much spoiling going on.

So you get the point. We had a wonderful time. Bla, bla, bla.
Wanna see some pictures now? Cuz' you know I brought
my camera!

Brace yourself for an eye full.
While there are a lot of pictures
to follow, you're basically done reading.
Sit back, relax and enjoy the view...

Lay of the Land

Group Pictures

Our whole group at dinner -- the night we cooked.

The girls

David and I had more fun at the cooking dinner.
It was a really fun night. I'd love to go again.

Joan (left) and Kim with one of the wine makers.
Kim is the one that planned our entire trip. She did an
amazing job, as usual.

David and Anthony Ferraioli talk to the wine guy
at the last vineyard we went to. We bought a couple
bottles from them -- one of which we're looking
forward to sharing with Jim when he comes into

Peas and carrots

Sipping among the red woods...
Fabulous with a capital F!

This was taken at Jessup Cellars. The man on
the left taught us about their wines and kept
our glasses full. They make so many delicious
wines, we bought three different kinds. My
favorite is 'Table for Four'. What a clever name.
Grant (right) was our tour guide for the day.

This pretty much sums up our last night there.

Justin and Betty being "too sexy".

Indy Shots
And here are a few of the people that were on the trip.
You know how I love the informal portrait! All these
cats either work for or live with people that work
for PCI. Unfortunately, I didn't get everyone -- too
busy sippin'! (The ones of me were taken by David or



Me as we were about to walk into the "tasting room",
the space encircled by redwoods.

Here I am again in front of "the wall of shame".

And me once again with a beautiful view.


Anthony Rosetti with Kim in the background

Justin, looking tough as nails


Anthony, again


Betty, again. She's cute as a button.

Anthony Ferraioli


David, my little wine taster. How sexy is he?!

The cute wine guy at the first
vineyard we visited

And Bob with his drink of choice!

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TruJen Phtography said...

Hello Vanity Fair? I found your new photographer!
Holy shit Sam! These shots are AWESOME! Maybe you should see if Napa needs some new publisty shots!

Looks like you all had so much fun. Wish I worked for PCI. :o) What a nice company not just because they do this for their employees but their wives too. Think they need someone else? Scott's a hard worker! :o)