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Wake Me Up When September Ends

Ohmygosh. I can't believe how long it's been since I've blogged.
Is anyone even still checking this thing? I hope I haven't lost
all seven of my readers. : )

Between spending a month in Michigan and then living out of a
hotel here in Arizona where I don't have a computer in the room,
I haven't had much of a chance to sit down and put posts together.
I recently figured out, however, that we have free wireless in the
room. (!!!!!) So, now I can use David's laptop when he doesn't have
it at work. (Yay!)

Anyway, I'm anxious to get back to it. Here's a look at the month
of September. Since I was home -- transitioning in Michigan between
Ireland and Arizona -- I saw everyone I could see, and I have a lot
of photos to share. This is probably a record long post! Enjoy ...

Eryn Phillips and Jeramie Shaver say 'I do' ...

And with that, our family keeps right on expanding.
(I love that!) Their wedding was on September 2nd
in Lansing, Michigan. It was fun to see everyone and
to share their day with them.

Most of the pictures I took were from the rehearsal
and before the wedding at the church. Starting with
the rehearsal...

Eryn and Jeramie were fun to celebrate with --
happy, giggly, excited. As any bride and groom
should be, I guess. Here they are with Tim Tuthill
who married them. Tim also married David and me,
as well as Jim and Sandy. Having him as the wedding
officiant has become kind of a family tradition.

A nice picture of Sandy at the rehearsal.
She deserved to sit down and relax after
all the work she did to help plan the wedding.
It was the third wedding she either planned
or helped to plan in three years.

Eryn's friend, Sung.
An usher at the wedding. Super nice guy.
We had fun with him at the reception and
afterwards when we went into East Lansing.

Jeramie with his brother and best man, Mitch.
This was our first time meeting Mitch and his wife,
Rhonda. They are such sweet people.

The bride and groom exit the alter, happy with their performance!

The bridesmaids -- Jen, Lindsay and Courtney.

Jim walking Eryn down the aisle at the rehearsal

Merrick, Jeramie's nephew, was the ring bearer.
Alexis, Jeramie's daughter, the flower girl.

Then, the wedding day itself finally arrived!!

Eryn made such a beautiful bride.
She had a few minutes to relax after
getting ready.

One last touch up before her big entrance

Alexis looked like a little angel

She wore the cutest little slippers.
I'm sure her feet were more comfortable
than anyone else's the entire evening.

Right after being announced as husband and wife.
They are now officially Mr. and Mrs. Shaver.

And while everyone was all cleaned up...

David and me

Brian (David's brother) and Tracy

Jim and mom

Me and mom

Jim and mom signing the guest book

Eryn and Jeramie found out they were pregnant just a
week or two after the wedding. So, it looks like Alexis is
going to become a big sister. Congratulations, Eryn and
Jeramie, on your wedding and your upcoming baby!

Holy Toledo
David and I popped over to Toledo to spend Labor Day
with my brother, Pamela and the kids. We had a really
nice time visiting... as brief as it was.

They made a fabulous dinner on Sunday night,
which we enjoyed while catching up. Then on
Monday morning we hung out around Pam's
house and played with the kids. That afternoon,
it was off to the pool, followed by another nice dinner
where we indulged in some comfort food. (There
is no danger of us starving anytime we're in town!)

Meghan stopped for a quick Labor Day photo shoot
...Urban ballerina style. God, I just wanna eat that
girl up! So CUTE!

These were my two favorite pictures of
Aidan and Catherine from that morning.

I took the kids for a bike ride. When we got back, Aaron
pulled Aidan over the dips and hills in the front yard.
Aidan was all giggles -- lovin' it!

David's bike has been in storage since our
move to Ireland. So, he took the opportunity
to borrow Aidan's wheels.

Pam and her girls, Lauren (left) and Meghan, in the pool.

My sexy husband : )

Aidan waiting in line to jump off the
diving board in the smallest splash contest

Lauren taking a dip

Meghan and Catherine fueling up pool side

Mr. Kills
The highlight of our trip home was getting to
reconnect with my baby, Killian! He is such a
precious boy, and we missed him so much!!!
Ireland was awesome, but being away from
him absolutely and completely SUCKED. I
hope we never, ever have to leave him again
-- at least not for more than a weekend or so.

It goes without saying that we were so appreciative
of David's parents taking care of him. Afterall, that's
no small task; he's a BIG boy with a LOT of energy
and love to give. Still, we were most definitely happy
to reunite with him, especially knowing we were
going to get to stay together this time!

Of course I had to take a million pictures of him.
I really tried to sort through them and only choose
the very cutest ones, but it was hard since he's so
adorable in all of them. Such personality in that
little guy. I mean, seriously.

Killian and His Golden Gal Pal, Belle
These two really became good buddies while they lived
together. I'm sure Killian misses Belle. She's such a sweet
dog. She did a lot to socialize Killian when he first got there
-- teaching him how things were done at his new home.
They humored me with a photo shoot; although, it took
some coercing. : )

This picture is kind of bitter sweet...
It's the two of them waiting at the back door for me to come out
and play ball with them. Jim and mom have another picture of them
doing the same thing, except they were also standing there with
Callie. Callie is their other golden who passed away while Killian
was living there. She was was a great dog and is missed.

Here are a few of Miss Belle without her sidekick, Killian...

Wrestle Mania -- Doggie Style
In these pictures, it looks like Killian is attacking Belle,
but don't be fooled. He might be the instigator, but he
respected Belle and I think she had fun with their
playtime. Belle was smart though -- she would lay
down and let Killi run around above her doing the
extra leg work. Alright. Ready? These are kinda

Link Family Time
The week that David was in town,
we went to his dad and Mary's house.
The four of us went to the MSU game in East Lansing on
Saturday. Then that evening they invited the Link's over
for dessert. It was so nice to hang out with everyone. We
had such a good time seeing them! Unfortunately, David's
aunts Dotty and Nancy and his uncle Dan couldn't make it.

We celebrated dad's 60th birthday -- cake, cards and a few
laughs. Unfortunately I missed the photo opportunity of him
blowing out his candles. Damn! (I need an assistant.)

Afterwards, we all caught up and looked at some old photos.
It was such a good night!

From the bottom left corner...Jeff Moon, Peter Link,
Grandma Link, Eileen Link, David, Peggy Moon, Caroline
and Katy Moon, and Mary. David's uncle Richard was there,
too. He just wasn't in this photo.

The birthday boy -- checking on the score.

This is Chris Moon, David's cousin.

David and Killian in matching Spartan green.
David was teasing Killian with the cockroach puppet
Mary was taunting the dogs with the evening before
when Grandma Link was over for dinner. Hilarious.
That would have been time for a video camera!

Mary lovin' on Shadow.

David and Killian sharing kisses the next morning.

Killi was so glad to have his daddy back!!

Jen drove down to Lansing from Traverse City to see
me one weekend. We had great talks and laughs...both
of which made us cry. That's when you know you're
getting into the good stuff. Anyway, I took a few photos
of her one night while we were hanging out and listening
to music. These were my two favorites.

Meet Lisa Beth and Jimmy

Mac (Jim's brother) and his wife, Ghenda, have two
of the cutest little kids. Just naturally beautiful, sweet
children. They were in town from California for the
wedding. So, we got to visit with them a bit. I had a
chance to take a few pictures one day, which was

Catherine Turns Five
I was in town just a few weeks before Catherine's birthday.
So, we celebrated a little early. It was fun to be able to be
there for it! We had an awesome night -- both of the kids
beat me at bowling, and I was trying! Anyway, after that,
we went to Rocco's for pizza and salad. Then, it was back
home for cake and presents.

Love this picture!
Aidan took it. I was so impressed.
It seems to me that he has a natural interest and nack
for photography. He may be inheriting all my cameras
one day! Keep it up, Aidan!

Girls Day Out With Catherine
The next day, we dropped Aidan off at school and
indulged ourselves in some girl time together. It
was an absolutely fabulous day! She was so much
fun to hang out with.

We had coffee and then went for pedicures.
It was her first, and she was in heaven.
Then we went to the park, had a picnic
lunch and a nap. It was one of my favorite
days ever.

Jennifer Truman is a Mommy Now!
I got to visit with Jen and Scott a few times while I was
home. Didn't get camera out much, but we had a really
good time just catching up and hanging out. Jen and I
vegged out one day and watched the first season of
Entourage. It was awesome. Otherwise, we just chatted
and hung out in the baby's room...waiting for it's arrival!

She went into labor about a week after we left.
On October 12th, she and Scott became the proud parents
of a baby boy -- Jackson Patrick Truman.

I can't wait to meet him in person. In the meantime, I've
really enjoyed hearing about him and seeing photos in
my inbox.

For those of you who know her and have asked about the
baby, you can stay tuned to her blog for updates. In the
meantime, here are a few photos she's shared with me.
So precious!! (I don't know why they posted smaller --
I guess they were compressed when emailed?)

And then there were three...
Jen, Scott and Jack Truman

Jackson Patrick Truman


Mommy and Jack --
Already a total natural at motherhood!

Congratulations, guys! I'm so happy for you,
and I know you're going to be amazing parents.

A Couple Neat Shots
(David took the last one)

David's Last Three Weeks in Ireland
David returned to Michigan on September 30th
after his last few weeks of work and time in Ireland.
One of these weeks was especially exciting for him;
he got to go to the Ryder Cup with Ardmac and PCI,
and he played some great courses himself. I was happy
for him that he had so many fun things going on, but
I missed him so much. Three weeks is a long time to
go without seeing each other, and we found it hard to
find time to chat with the time difference.

Needless to say,I was thrilled the day he flew back
and I got to pick him up at the airport. We had a
quick dinner with his dad and Mary that night. Then
we headed back to Lansing to get reorganized and
repacked. A day and a half later we were on the road
and headed back to the southwest.

And that, my friends, was September in a nutshell!
Now, I need a NAP.

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well, okay, i've got lots to say about this post: First, you are an angel! I would give up any publication in any magazine to be your featured artist for just one day! I appreciate your words of encouragement more than you'll know! I love you, Sam! Second: is that Michael Jackson watching that woman pull on her stockings in that first painting? WOW! Quite a likeness...Third: YOU HAVE HUGE BOOBS!!!! Four (because I can never remember if 4th is spelled Fourth or Forth and I'm too lazy to look it up): Your photography skills are so natural. I can see it in your photos...the composition and the lighting...its all in you! Awesome job! you gotta be proud of having a photographers eye, i don't believe that can really be taught or learned. Its like the ability to sing, it just kinda happens for some people and it happens for you. Striking photos, Sam. Fifth (i know how to spell this one...i think): Glad you're back to blogging!!! Sixth: Can't wait til Wednesday!