Thursday, July 06, 2006

Heading to Howth

There's something about this small fishing town that I like. If you were reading my
blog when I started it, you've seen Howth before. David and I went back there,

maybe the weekend after I got back from visiting the states. There isn't much to
tell from our day - except that I like it there. It makes me happy for some reason.
I believe all the boats have such stories. I wonder who built them, who captains
them and where their names came from. I wonder how long they are at sea when
out and how many of them have seen crew members celebrate or die. All the
boats, old and used but with plenty of life left in them, float in the water off the
docks while vendors sell fish, fruit and fudge in the market. Here are some of the
sights from Howth on this particular Sunday...

That's it from Howth. There's a new Good Week and Bad Week for...Enjoy!

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TruJen Phtography said...

You're such a wonderful photojournalist. These pictures really tell a wonderful storey of this town.
You and David both look great, by the way!