Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Our Little Corner of the World

I'm back to finish the tour of Lucan. Hopefully you saw the pics of the town I
posted a few days ago. It was fun to share. I think it's important to have a visual on
things like this. I love knowing where my friends live..neighborhoods, houses, what
they've changed since I've been there last. It just makes me feel like there's a little
less milege between us. Besides, I know you're all curious since this isn't
"Any-City, America". Last time I showed you the town. This time, we're going to
move in our

This and the picture below is of the courtyard outside our windows. I mentioned
it in the other Lucan post but forgot to show it to you. It's pretty out there!

And while we're still outside, this is David company car. A Peugeot 407. It's
really nice. We like it a lot. It's a manual, which I haven't learned to drive yet.

In fact...GET THIS...the last time I drove a was on February either 18th or 19th.
Just after we arrived in Michigan after leaving Arizona, Eryn Phillips and I went to
East Lansing. While she got her hair done, I got a pedicure and manicure. We
drove back to Mason afterwards. And that was it...The last time I drove! After
driving essentially every single day living in the states, it's hard to imagine it's
possible not to drive at all for almost three months.

This is clearly not our apartment, but while we're on the topic of driving, I just
wanted to show you something. See that "L" in the corner of this cars back
window? That is to signal that the driver of this car is on their learners permit.
Apparently, it's harder to get a license here than it is in the states. Which is
probably good!

Now onto the inside...
(I already said we live on the third floor, which is called the second floor here.)
The hallways leading up to our apartment have a deep, royal blue carpet. The walls
are white on the bottom and a salmon color on top (see below). What you see
in the pic is a light switch. They're different than at home. So, I thought I should
include that. It's smart how they do the hallway lights in our apartment complex.
They don't leave them on 24-7, wasting electricity.

You can flip the switch while you're walking up the stairs or if you need light to
unlock the door. The light stays on for a few minutes and then shuts itself off
automatically. Each landing has a window facing the parking lot which lets in
quite a bit of light, even after it's dark. So, you really don't much light at night.

And we have an elevator! We don't use it much...just when we're lugging
something heavy upstairs. I know David's dad is going to be so excited when he
reads this! He won't have to worry about the stairs when he visits this summer,
giving his knees a much easier way up to our apartment.

When you walk into our apartment, you enter a hallway. There are two closet
doors to your left. One is a coat closet and the other has shelving and a water
heater, which is controlled by these switches. We're only supposed to have it
turned on right before we take a shower, but we're not the best at remembering
to turn it off!

The rooms branch off the hallway...The first branch, to the right, is the living
room and kitchen area. (I had to shut the curtains to get a decent picture -
Otherwise there was too much light. Behind those curtains are big windows
that let in a lot of sun.)

I'm happy to say that our little apartment actually feels more like home now.
We still refer to the states as 'home', for sure. But when I come back to
the apartment after being out all day, I feel like I'm coming home...Like our
apartment is comfortable. That's a nice feeling.

We bought (actually, David's company bought) this computer desk after
Dennis left to free up the kitchen table that the computer was sitting on.
So much better...

Tracy was asking me about our apartment on the phone last weekend. I told
her about our "fireplace", and she seemed to get a huge kick out of that. So,
Tracy, this shot is for you! It makes us laugh, too! Believe it or not though,
we turn it on sometimes and have a "fire".

We've never been ones to buy many movies, but I've recently been inspired!!
This is the beginning of our new collection...The most movies we've ever owned!
I have this new plan...Every year after the Academy Awards, I'm going to buy
all the movies that won Oscars for best film, best director, best actor, best
supporting actors. So far, I've only picked up Pride and Prejudice from this
year. It's a work in progress...

And here's the kitchen...
You can see that we have a medium-size refrigerator. There is plenty of
cupboard space. And there is a small combination washer-drier, too. It's a
mystery to me where the lint goes; There's no catcher for it. I always pull
the clothes out and hang them after about 10 minutes of drying. Otherwise,
they come out really, really wrinkly. I don't mind doing that at all. It's much
better than what Marya is doing in Nicaragua -- She uses a washboard. Bless
her heart! When I heard that, I suddenly didn't mind the small loads I had to
do in this washer, not do I mind letting things air dry.

I doubt all stove tops in Ireland are just like this, but I took a picture of our
just because it's different than the way they are at home. They work the
same, I guess.

The next branch off the hallway is the second bedroom, which we still refer to
as "Dennis's room". I keep my clothes in this rooms closet.

As you can see, it's home to some of our empty luggage (in the corner). Once
I go home and pick up all my scrapbook stuff, that shelf against the right wall
will be home to all those supplies. I can't wait to have it back!! (I didn't get it
together to ship before we moved, but that is high on the list of priorities this
trip. It's in Sandy's basement right now.)

Across the hall is this bathroom. This one has a better shower - so it's the one
we use. It's actually really nice.

I bought this mirror the other day at the store called Frameworks in Lucan. It
was only 15 euro, but I thought it was cute!

And then the last branch off the hallway is where all the magic happens, baby!
That's right...The master bedroom! : ) It has quite a bit of closet space, but
it still just barely holds all of David's clothes!!

I know this bedding doesn't really match the green headboard, but not much
does! The curtains seem to pull it all together. I thought this worked alright.
Our covers are a little big, but I had to buy a king duvet to go with the king
comforter that Dennis picked up for us before we arrived. All the more to
snuggle with...

It's not a cover page for Hold Everything, but we have everything we need and it
all has it's own space. While we do miss our stuff, it works for us! No complaints
at all.

Here is another one of my little projects. Matching hangers!! Isn't that enough
to make your knees quiver? I remember telling David's mom years ago that one
day when I was rich, I wanted a closet filled with matching hangers. She replied,
"You don't have to be rich for that." And she was right! At that time,
I envisioned white plastic. Thank goodness for better, grown up taste! Anyway,
we've bought 69 so far and have about 75 plus the coat closet to go.

And then, there is another bathroom off our bedroom.

Since it's a well known fact that I'm a nerd, I don't think this picture
will cause any further harm to my reputation. I have to entertain myself

So, that's it! Our little corner of the world. Thanks for stopping by!


Sandy Phillips said...

Thanks for the look at your apartment! I think I must have overlooked this blog in the busyness of getting ready for summer school.
Let's see if I can figure out how to send this message.
I love you, Mom

Lindsay Teague said...

i love your apartment girl! Love's so quaint! Its cute! You've, of course, made it your own. Its so funny to see the different switches!! Cool place!

bad ass car too!