Sunday, March 26, 2006

Homeward Bound

It's always good to visit Michigan. There's something about getting back to our roots that both puts things into perspective and settles the need in us to see the people we love and miss so much. On this trip, we stayed with Jim and Sandy in Mason. (That's David's mom and stepdad.) I was a little stressy -- middle of moving jitters, I guess. Fortunately, Sandy kept my head attached for the week we were there. Bless her heart. She seems to be given job quite often!

We really had a good visit though -- watched the Olympics, had some great meals both out and at home, David got to take care of the horse which he loves, we both had time to play with the camera, and we did some shopping and other things to get ready to leave for Ireland. All in all, a great trip. Our time there also gave Killian a chance to get acquainted to his new, temporary home and all the new siblings he has there. Seeing how comfortable he was helped put his mom and dad at ease about having to leave him for awhile.

Of course, my camera was out and being put to use...Jim even humored me with a impromptu photo shoot while he was outside doing his thing...

David lovin' on Killian

Killian got acquainted with Belle, Jim and Sandy's 9 year old golden.

Random close up!

David introduced Killian to Cruise the horse.

I kind of cut off the dog in this picture, but I thought it was so cute...
Nose to nose! Killian enjoys following Belle and Callie to the barn in the morning
and at night for Cruise's feeding.

Sandy always sets the nicest table! Here she is about to
light the candles before dinner.

And here she is just looking beautiful in their newly remodeled kitchen.
We love you, mom!!

That's my baby! He never, ever runs out of love to give.

David really enjoys cooking when he has the time.

Hello! : )

And now, for a few pictures of Jim...
He was outside splitting wood for the fire we had the last night at their place.
The sun was just starting to go down, and it seemed like the perfect time to
take a few photos. I missed him swinging the ax, but still got some good ones.
Jim is a very special person, perfect for our very special Sandy-mom.

The dogs line up for treats in the barn in the evening.

Mom, I took this one just for you...Your guy and your Callie-girl.

Jim and mom, thanks for everything you did for us while we were there.
You always make us feel right at home.
And thank you a hundred times for taking care of our baby!
As always, we wish there would have been more time.


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