Monday, March 27, 2006

Family Time is Good Time

We wrapped up our visit home with a much needed trip to Indiana to see my brother
and his kids, Aidan and Catherine. And another trip to see David's brother, Tracy
and Alex in Illinois. We didn't have a lot of time, but it was much better than no time
at all. The kids have all grown so much since we saw them in September. But I guess
that is one of the primary parts in their job description.

Aidan and Catherine are doing great. It makes me so happy to see them. They are
absolutely loveable. We all watched Madagascar -- very cute movie! That evening,
we also had an early birthday party for Aidan who turned six years old in March.
Otherwise, we just hung out and enjoyed being together. (But somehow, Aaron wasn't
in any of the photos we got. We'll have to make up for that on my next visit there.)

Miss Catherine and Aunt Samara

Aidan was a little under the weather that day, but he was quite a trooper.

Aidan and me

Catherine LOVES makeup - We put a little on her and took
some glamour shots! Isn't she lovely?

Aidan caught this shot of Catherine and me doing Eskimo Kisses

Catherine took this picture of us doing some loving. Aaron, I think you
may have a couple of photgraphers on your hand. They're naturals!

The Birthday Boy and his cake

Aidan got a new legos set for his birthday. The projects
that they guide him through are complicated, but he stuck
with it and made some pretty cool pieces! We were impressed.

From there, we went back to Michigan to repack and
regroup. Then we were off to see Brian and Tracy in
Chicago. We got to see their beautiful, new house in
Northbrook. Very cute. Alex was napping when we
first arrived. So, when he came downstairs he was still
waking up -- all cute and snuggly. Tracy carried him into
the living room where we all were. He looked at me and
said, "Mar-Mar", with a question in his voice. He thought
he was getting a visit from his Aunt Marya! So, Mar...Even
though you're living far away right now, Alex still remembers
you and misses you.

Alex and Grandma relax on the couch

Alex and his mom, Tracy smile for the camera!

That smile is enough to melt butter!

Alex jumped to his dad from the side of the hottub.
That kid got some air under him!

Alex took his daddy and uncle for a dip in the hot tub.

Alex did a cannonball into the water. Afterwards, the boys

As usual, time went by way too fast while we were with
our brothers. We're looking forward to reconnecting with
each of them in May. We love you guys!

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