Thursday, December 15, 2011

{Family Photo Session: Christa, Keith & Kendall}

I feel so fortunate and humbled to be able to do something I love that makes clients
happy and puts a few bucks in my pocket simultaneously. It's even more fabulous when
I get to do said work for friends. Not a bad boat to row.

Christa and her family moved here from Boston in February, and I'm so glad they did!
She's sweet, spirited, creative, and kind. We met in Knitting Club over the summer, and
I've really enjoyed getting to know her and her family since. They asked me to update
their photos of Kendall. So, we went to the Botanical Gardens and got a few with everyone.


Kristi said...

Once again... these are awesome!!! So many great shots and I love the catch-lights in the close-ups :)

Ale said...

The pictures are so good! love the little girl and the light, the location is a great idea and love the one with the balloons. I am sure they are so much enjoying not to be in Boston right now, although weather wise we have been having the mildest weather so far so I am not complaining!!

Love the pictures Sam!

Hendricks Family said...

Could Kendall be any cuter? Love it!