Tuesday, November 08, 2011

{Child Photo Session: Gavin Turns Two}

More pictures! Today, I am here to share a few shots of Gavin. Goodness gracious,
I love this kid. He's two years old now and cute as ever. His front yard made for a
great spot to capture a his smile -- grins that his mom was entirely responsible
for creating during our shoot. He was so happy to watch her act silly, and my
camera and I were equally pleased to document him watching her.

My absolute favorite is the fourth one from the end where he's laughing with his
hand in front of his face. Priceless. Barb and Jason just told me they enlarged it
and hung it in the collage that's in their entryway. Made my day to hear.


Kristi said...

He sure is cute! I agree, the photo of him with the hand over his face is priceless!!

Hendricks Family said...

Sam, we feel so fortunate to have you as an extremely talented photographer (and our dear friend) to document our favorite little man. We love every single one!! Can't wait to see the family photos too.

Trujen said...

Great photos lady!
My favorite is where he's laughing and covering his face with his hand. He's such a doll!
I can't wait to see the family pics either!
Bring em on!!!