Thursday, May 26, 2011

{Life is a Many Splendored Thing}

High on the list of my most amazing life experiences is being in the room through the
entire process of labor and delivery as a tiny, miraculous human being takes it's first
breaths of air. Words can't describe what it feels like to watch parents meet their child
for the first time, knowing they'll love that baby more than anyone else in the world.

I've gotten to do it twice, thanks to my camera.

It was my honor to witness Barb and Jason as they ushered Gavin into the world in
the summer of 2008 -- a delivery that started with induction through Pitocin, went
through three hours of pushing and ended in cesarian section. I was granted special
access for all of it in order to preserve the moment with photos.

I thought it was going to be a once in a lifetime opportunity. That is, until Jenny and
Anthony asked me to do the same thing for them when their baby, Amelia, was born.

Obviously, most of the photos I captured on that day are private -- just for them -- but
I thought I'd share a few from before and after the delivery for my own documenting.

I couldn't resist taking a few quick pictures of Miss Amelia, just for fun, when I stopped
over to deliver the disk of birthing photos. She's so beautiful. So much so, in fact, that I
didn't even blink an eye when she urinated all over me during the diaper-off portion of
our mini shoot. :)

I'll never forget the moment I saw this little one be born. Pretty special stuff.
I wish her and her parents a lifetime of health, happiness, bonding, and love.


Hendricks Family said...

So, so, so wonderful! You are an amazing photographer. I just can't say it enough. She is so tiny and so cute. Great work Sam, really wonderful!!

Anonymous said...

She is so beautiful and what wonderful pictures for her family to have. She would make a great model for one of those cute baby photo shoots, I have seen photographers do. Have a great weekend! Denise

Trujen said...

Absolutely wonderful, Sam!
Congratulations to Mom and Dad and big brother! Such a beautiful family! It's been fun watching them grow!