Saturday, April 09, 2011

{New Length Comes With New Responsibilities}

I can't believe how long my hair is. I usually don't like the
way it looks when it's growing out, or I get bored with it.
So, I cut it all off in search of something new.

Somehow, I've resisted the urge, and here I am with some
actual length to my locks. I haven't had my hair this long
since my freshman year in high school. It feels good!

I went to a new place for a trim the other day (with a gift
certificate I won at a fundraiser Barb threw last year). My
stylist, Irma, was so nice and informative. I think I might switch over to her for good. Her place seems like a great compromise between super expensive salons that charge $65 for a hair cut and the student salon I've been going to in Arizona.

She told me three habits I need to change if I want to avoid broken and frizzy hair. I had
no idea I was making so many hair-fouls. So, I thought I'd pass them onto you, in case
you were in the dark like me.

1) When you're towel drying your hair, do not vigorously shake your hands over your
towel. It's the equivalent to ratting your hair when it's wet, she said. It'll fray all the
ends and cause damage. Instead, just lightly pat and squeeze.

2) Use a pick or a comb to brush out your hair when it's wet, instead of a brush.
(I had heard about this one but never changed my habits accordingly until now.)

3) Do not tie your hair back into a bun when it's wet . That's worse for your hair then
any damage you get from hot irons and blow driers, she said. It's fine to put it up like
that once it's dry, but you shouldn't tie it up when it's wet. I think her reasoning was
that the ends expand and split, leaving you with "the fuzzies."

I don't pay much attention to hair and make up. I spend time to do them every day, but
I don't keep up with the details and trends like I would if I were cool. It was so nice of
Irma to educate me.

What else am I missing? I'd love to hear your tips, habits and suggestions.

I hope you're having a great Saturday. Thanks for stopping by today!


Kristi said...

I desperately need a cut and color, I look like an old hag these days. Yours is always cute!

SplendidlyImperfect said...

Very cute!

My #1 tip is to not wash your hair every day. You can rinse it really well with just water in the shower, or "shampoo" with conditioner. I only use actual shampoo(and always one with no sulfates or any ingredients ending in "cone") about once a week.

TruJen Phtography said...

I agree with Miss M! I wash my hair about every third day. Also, I've heard rinsing it with cooler water after conditioning is better than hot. Not sure if it's true but that also helps on the electric bill so why not?!

I'm going to stop doing naughty #3! I'm always bunning my hair after the shower. NO MORE!

Thanks for the tips!
Oh, and I totally love your long hair! (think I've said that a few times!)