Tuesday, November 16, 2010

{'Tis the Season to be Merry}

It can also be a stressful season for a lot of people. I thought I would be way farther along in
my holiday planning then I am at this moment. (Which, unfortunately, seems to be turning
into a holiday tradition.) It's time for me to get on the ball and make some decisions ... now.

I want to be able to enjoy people, time and traditions in the month of December instead of fighting traffic and hastily finishing my holiday to do list. Plus. it's way more fun to buy,
wrap, decorate, and bake when you don't feel rushed. So, I vow -- here and now -- to make
my holiday list and have some fun while checking it twice.

Hopefully I'll score some extra relaxation to help me get through the hustle of the holidays
with our new MAX Percussion Massager. David bought it at Brookstone. He uses it on his
legs to help repair those muscles after his long runs. (He's training for another marathon
right now.) This thing is awesome. We've had fun trading massages. It digs deep into the
muscle all on it own. So, as the massage giver, you don't have to do a lot of work. :) My
favorite is to use it on my hips. It releases all kinds of tension from the hip flexors.

Brookstone is offering a discount to my readers. (How nice is that?) They have all kinds of
unique gifts for the hard to shop for on your list. I tend to think women are easier to shop
for, probably because I am a woman and great minds think alike. But Brookstone has cool
gifts for men who have everything and for the gadget lover on your list. So, check 'em out.
You can shop online and save time.

The coupon code is: 22SAVE. Use it to save $10 off any purchase of $70 or more.
They tell me this coupon code doesn't expire. So, keep it in mind for future shopping, too.

How are you doing on your holiday check list? What are your priorities this holiday season?


Trujen said...

How cool that Brookstone is offering all of us a discount! How did that come about? Was it an offer for friends and family after you bought something or did you work some magic? Do tell!

Holiday priorities always seem to get the shaft in my house. I don't know what it is. Possibly a freak-out on my end because there is so much to do. Even though I don't even shop for a whole half of my family anymore. If I get to cookies this year it will be a freakin' miracle! However, with my new exercise regiment it may happen.

Samara Link said...


Yeah, it was nice of Brookstone to do this. No, I didn't do anything for it at all. It's just part of their marketing effort to get people to Christmas shop there. They contacted me through my blog and said they would offer me and my readers this discount if I did a post featuring them. They asked me to include the coupon code and link to at least two things (in this case "uniquie gifts" and "gifts for men who have everything") and to mention Brookstone, of course. Since we had just bought the massager (a few months ago) it was the most logical connection I could think to make .... and that's the story, morning glory. I hope some people can make use of the coupon.

I'm with you on how priorities shift from year to year. This year, I feel a lot less focused on buying stuff, for sure. It seems like most of us have the things we need and to go out to buy for the sake of buying seems wasteful and over consumptive. I'd determined, over the summer I guess, to do as many gifts as possible from locally owned artists or to make them myself instead of buying everything from China. :) We'll see how it goes. This year will be a start, and hopefully next year, I do it 100%. Anyway, I hope your holidays turn out the way you hope, including that you're able to keep up with everything. I know you're a busy mom of two!