Sunday, September 26, 2010

{Golfin' With the Link Boys}

I finally edited the handful of photos I took when we went home in August to see David's
family and my two Jens. The food I cooked this week -- meals Mary prepared for us while
we were there -- inspired me to revisit, edit and share our Michigan photographs. Little
keepsakes of a nice trip home.


One of my most memorable evenings from our trip was when I joined David and Art, my
father-in-law, for nine holes of golf. Those two golf together every chance they get. I tagged
along and took photos once in Dallas and hit balls with them at the range, but that's it in
eleven years. So, it was kind of a special deal to me to get out there and knock a few around
with them. Do their thing, with them, you know? Plus, I liked doing something different from
my norm -- a little travel adventure.

I didn't keep score or play out every hole. I did, however, celebrate a good shot (meaning I
made contact and the ball went in the air for 100 yards or so) even though it plopped in the
water upon landing. And I did a happy dance when I sunk a pretty lengthy put. I think the
boys got a kick out of it. It probably wasn't their standard round of golf, but we sure had fun.

I can see why people golf.
Gets the body moving.
Replenishes your vitamin D.
A little fresh air and nature.
A few laughs.
Some competition with yourself.
Mini victories.
It was a nice way to spend an evening.
I'm glad they took me I went.

More photos from home to come ... soon.


Ashley Sisk said...

I don't play golf but I do get why so many play golf. I once had a client take me to play golf knowing that I had no idea what I was doing. He was so patient and kind....meanwhile one of my coworkers who does play golf had the worst round of his life and we laughed at him as he continued to hunt his balls down. Great photos...looks like a fun outing. Have a great week!

TruJen Phtography said...

I love the series of swing with the three of you. It's so cool! And I love how you make those little pictures all in one. You'll have to show me that one too!
:o) Fun post!

Kristi said...

I have never played real gold but I sure enjoy doing Disk (frisbee) golfing from time to time!! We have many courses up here for that kind of thing. And it is usually free!!!