Friday, September 10, 2010

{Four Four-Legged Friends}

We have two labs -- like everyone who reads this blog doesn't already know that. :)
Two more came to visit us for a few days this month. Of course, I took photos. They're
too cute not to document. The crew, starting top left and going clockwise: Norah, Killian,
Blue, & Bocci.

Four large dogs in our house is a lot, but it's a lotta fabulous. They're all such lovers. I
could've snuggled or played with a dog 24 hours a day while they were here, if I was
inclined. They just couldn't get enough, and there was serious competition for attention
considering they had me (and us) way outnumbered. We had inside fun, outside fun and
some deep, long recovery naps that followed. Here's the story of their stay in photos ...

Bocci and Blue are welcome back here anytime!


Jenny said...

Our boys look like they l o v e your house!! Thanks for letting them sleepover!

Ale said...


I am loving the sleepover parties you are having for your kids! I hope Oliver wasn't jealous!

Holly Diane said...

Your pictures made me smile! I have two yellow labs, my sister has a yellow lab and my mom has a yellow lab..they are just the bestest dogs (don't let my dachshunds read this) but they are!!

Kristi said...

This post wore me out too! lol Those dogs have a lot of energy
You are a fabulous dog photographer!

carlene federer said...

OMG, these shots are adorable and hilarious! you have your own Lab pack! you do a great job with the dog photos-and those are very tricky to get...awesome!

Anonymous said...

OMGosh they are so cute, especially the last two pictures! I love when they just pass out! Also, Killian's color is so pretty you don't see that color very often. Thanks for sharing them. Denise

Killara girl said...

what an awesome family you have...that must be so much fun! the one of the crew with your husband on the couch made me laugh