Sunday, May 02, 2010

{A Little Goes a Long Way}

Positive energy
Warm smiles
Wholesome things
Something fresh

This morning, I knew I needed to be surrounded by a little bit of each of those things. So, in
keeping with my May goal to start each day with something energizing or important, I put
on my favorite dress and wondered around at the farmer's market.

I came home with some cool things. Gorgeous heirloom tomatoes grown by a farmer
and his kids from Wilcox. A tie died shirt made on organic cotton by this really cool
chick who was there with her very supportive, excited-for-her, sweet man friend.
Some cream of kamut -- something new to me -- sold by the very serious Robert with
beautiful eyes. Six new 100% cotton hardknit wash clothes from a woman who had a lot
to say about her sick cat. (I wish him well.) And a few photos.

It was nice; a lovely way to spend the morning. I left feeling more grounded and in
touch with myself.

And with that, the day is young. So, I'm off to find some trouble to get into.
I hope you're having a nice Sunday ... maybe spending it with the people you love
or just doing something that makes you happy on the inside.


Diane and Joe Baldo said...

very fun! Which market did you go to? We are going to try and go to the one at Vincents on Camelback next Saturday morning! Kind of a date!!

Samara Link said...

I've heard good things aboutV incent's. In fact, I hear it's a good place to go to practice French.
Sounds like a fun date. This was the Ahwatukee market. Warner off the 10, near you. Sunday from 8-noon, I think.

LoriLyn said...

Sounds like a lovely morning :)

carlene federer said...

OMGosh, I love your pix! So evocative of your day! Just wish there was a pic of you in your fave dress! I love that farmers market, it's an excellent one! (I know which one you went to from your reply to Diane, lol!) Let me know how that Cream of Kamut works out, I've never even heard of such a thing!

Shelle said...

wow i can't believe you have all that at your markets...the couple i've been to have apples and onions...and that was about it! i enjoy your photos.

Miss M! said...

I went to that market once and it was awful! Nothing good. Maybe it's better at this time of year? I'll have to check it out. :) We've been going to the one in Scottsdale on Saturday mornings. The McClendon's stand alone makes the drive worth it, and the macarons from Essence bakery are just icing on the cake.

Sue Thomas said...

Nothing beats a good morning at a farmer's market!!!!