Tuesday, April 06, 2010


Damnit! It's just not fair that she doesn't live in Arizona anymore. :(

I miss my friend, Alejandra.
I miss her living 20 minutes away.
I miss our weekly (or bi-monthly) long dinners and extended chats.
I miss meeting for coffee or tea or dessert.
I miss our movie and shopping dates.
And in general, I miss her.

But it was really nice that she had to come back in February one last
time to tie up some loose ends. We got together twice -- both at the
beginning and the end of her visit -- and took the opportunity to take
some photos of her before she was back off to Boston.

She's a beautiful person, this one. A special friend, indeed.

I know she'll do great things in Boston, and I'm happy that her journey
has taken this traveler to yet another corner of the globe.

p.s. I'm thankful for cell phone packages with nationwide calling plans. :)


carlene federer said...

the good thing about friends moving away is that you can go visit them (hint hint ;)
For instance, if you came to CO, you could play with little goatlets and eat all the farm fresh eggs your heart desired...I'm just sayin'..

Hendricks said...

Tell Alejandra that I love her pictures, she really is such a beautiful person! If I ever have to go to Boston for work I'll drag you with me as my traveling nanny. Hope you're well Sam!

Sue Thomas said...

Beautiful photos, Sam!!