Sunday, February 14, 2010

{Will You Be My Valentine?}

Bad, wife. Bad, mom.

It's Valentine's Day, and I'm not home with my family to let them know how special they are
to me. I'm not even in the same state, and it's such a SHAME because I feel all extra GUSHY
and FULL of LOVE! But thanks to the Internet and a little prior planning, I can still celebrate

I love David because ...

... he loves me for me despite my quirks.
... he is super loyal.
... he supports and encourages me whenever I tell him I need or want to do something.
... he gives me a push when I need it, mindful of his delivery, depending on the situation.
... he makes me laugh and smile with sweet texts, emails and comments.
... he isn't afraid of growth, change or making progress -- individually or as a couple.
... he almost always answers my calls, even if he can't talk, just to make sure I'm okay.
... he is incredibly self motivated, and he holds himself to a high standard.
... his first words to me on holiday mornings, when we're just barely waking up, are "happy ..."
... he loves our puppies as much as I do, and he's a super good dad.
... he is a hard worker who cares deeply about his work and the people he does it with.
... he is getting more practical with age, and he's good at managing our finances.
... he is smart, and he often surprises me with the things he knows and knows about.
... he is direct -- rarely one to mince words.
... he has an ass that won't quit.
... he is a democrat.
... he takes good care of himself.
... he loves his parents.
... he reads the paper (and is so cute doing it).
... he makes me want to be a better person.
... he knows how to do everything and is resourceful enough to figure it out if he doesn't.
... he has my heart, and it feels safe and full there.

I love Oliver because ...

... he snuggles close to me at night, curled up at my right side or just above me on the pillow.
... he makes me laugh out loud when we play hike & seek/peek-a-boo before bed.
... he is totally a mama's boy, which makes me feel special and loved.
... he is a great hunter of bugs.
... he loves to hang out with me when I craft or do anything in my office.
... he is incredibly cute and irresistibly soft.
... he is a great communicator (expressions, meows or the way he guides me around).
... he bobs his head and gets all excited when I reach one finger out toward his nose.

I love Norah because ...

... she is fun to cook with, eager to eat anything I'm preparing (mango, chickpeas, cauliflower).
... she follows me around, happy to be near me and whatever I'm doing -- a loyal Lola.
... she runs like the wind with such enthusiasm, and I feel inspired watching her play.
... she is incredibly responsive to love, energy, commands, training, and activities.
... she will bring me her ball as many times as I'll toss it for her.
... she patiently rests her chin on my knee, staying there until I acknowledge her.
... she makes the funniest faces (chi-nee eyes) that entertain her daddy and me everyday.
... she is the sweetest girl who ever lived, but a quirky one who we're sure sees ghosts.
... she loves to join us for walks and runs on the trail, always leading the way, ten feet ahead.
... she puts her nose to my nose and her chest to my chest so I have no choice but to kiss
and hug her until she's had her fill.

I love Killian because ...

... he honestly thinks he's a lap dog.
... he likes to spoon -- under the covers, head on the pillow and all.
... he stays right by my side on our walks (and on runs with his daddy).
... he always barks when David hugs me or when we're rough housing a little.
... he is big and loud enough to intimidate any potential bad people.
... he loves his Pottery Barn pillows and linens as much as I do.
... he crosses his eyes when he's excited about a treat I'm holding out in front of him.
... he still looks like a puppy to me.

One more thing:
David, there's a box under the dresser in my office. Inside that, is a present. It's for you!
(There's also a few toys in there -- one each for Killian, Norah and Oliver.)

Happy Valentine's, pumpkin! I love you, and I'll see ya on the 16th.

And I hope the rest of you are having a romantic, wonderful Valentine's Day -- even if
you're just taking the day to love on yourself.

"Anyone can catch your eye, but it takes someone special to catch your heart." -Unknown


Kristi said...

How very sweet! You can tell how much you love your family :)

Anne said...

Dear Sam,
It was so special to spend some time with you this holiday weekend. I am especially happy that you got to spend some time with your special boyfriend, Jack. Jack is special to me, just as he is special to you. Every moment I spend with him brings me a new-found joy, as I suspect it does so for you.

You have expressed your Valentine wishes in such a wonderful way. I wish my loved ones could see your poetry and share in your love. Your words today are wonderful. God bless for ability to say what you feel!

Sue Thomas said...

Awwwwww!! What a sweet post, Sam!!!