Tuesday, February 09, 2010

{They Came. We Saw. We Conquered.}

It's a pretty cool thing that the whole Byrne-Rownd clan was able to fly out for a visit.
Pam and Aaron (my brother and sister-in-law) have been here a couple times, but this
was the first time the kids were able to make the trip, too. That's them above -- Pam
and Aaron with (from left) Lauren, Aidan, Meghan, and Catherine.

They were here for four entire days and two partial travel days, I think. They were
eager to spend as much time outside as possible, since it's nice, sunny and warm here
but cold and snowy where they were coming from in Ohio. So, we went hiking three
times and to the zoo once.

For some reason, my camera didn't come out to play at all while they were here.
I was thankful that theirs did! Here's some pictures from the trip ...

These little ones were good hikers! They plodded right along, in front of
the adults most of the time. Aidan was so TOUGH! He got a two inch cactus
needle right in the fanny on one hike. I mean, directly into the cheek. He
didn't even cry! Then, on another day, he was leading the pack -- flying
along the trail -- when he tripped and fell knee first into a sharp rock,
splitting his knee right open. Poor kid. At least he'll have a good scar
there, that'll make for a good story. :)

Pam with Lauren and again with Meghan. She's a good mom, this one. :)

David had planned to take time off during their who visit, but duty
kept calling at the office. He was finally able to join us on our last
hike though. It was nice!

Another family picture ... I joined in this time.
We were at the top of South Mountain, telegraph pass here.

Me over at San Tan.

Meghan, Pam and I didn't have as big of a hike as the other four
on the last day. We were feeling lazy! So, we sorta hiked and then
took pictures. :)

D and me. This was taken on the other side of South Mountain.
I think we all voted that as our favorite hike. It's a good path.

Pam and Meghan, truckin' along.

We went to the Phoenix Zoo on Sunday. David and I hadn't been there before,
and it seemed like a nice one. We learned about warthogs, fed the elephants,
ran around, and had a good time checking out all the animals. The highlight was
definitely going to Stringray Bay at the end though ...

Aaron and I were on duty to make sure no girls fell in. :)
That's Catherine, Meghan and Lauren in front of us.
The stingrays were in a shallow pool. So, we could reach in and touch them.

Aidan and Lauren

Family photo op!

David and Aaron taking a minute to chill.

We quickly came to crash that party though. :)

So, that was it! There's never enough time. I had all these visions that we'd
make holiday cookies, go look at Christmas lights and go for pedicures. But
when we got done with our hikes and dinner, we were all wiped out from the
day. I think we were in bed by or before 10PM every single night. We did
watch some movies though at home, and had some nice time to get caught up.
The kids made forts in the backyard and took one very cold dip in the pool.

It was so good to see all their faces. I'm already thinking about our next visit.

p.s. With that, I'm finally caught up from December. :) A couple posts left from
January (including David's marathon!), and then I'll be back to real time updates.


elizabeth said...

this looks like a great time! what a treat to have them all out there with you. those kids are all so cute. :)

PS - i like D's 2 purses in that 2nd to last photo. lol

Lis said...

Hello POSTS A LOT! I came back to comment on graduation and the one before and WALLA! Another post!!! I just have to say CONGRATS on the graduation!!! You are awesome! and how NICE that EVERYONE came out to support you! thats a long ways for lots of your family- you must be ONE LOVED GIRL!!!! Glad you had so much fun with everyone!

Kristi said...

I could sure go for a nice mountain hike right about now!! Looks like fun