Friday, January 29, 2010

{Link Adventure Goes to Tucson}

Half of us did, anyway. I was up for a road trip and a new experience. I made this part of my January goals to make sure I did it; I was feeling the need!

My sites were set on Antelope Canyon and a quick overnight stay at a cheap hotel.
But I decided to hold off on that so I could squeeze something in before my FIL arrived
for his two week visit.

I've been wanting to go horseback riding for so long, but David hasn't bit on it. So, I went solo
and had a great time.

I did it in Tucson. It's close by ... an hour and a half drive. Far enough away to feel like I went somewhere and saw something different -- close enough for it not to take up an entire day.

A Google search and a phone call later, I had a reservation with Bobbi and a tour through the Catalina State Park just outside her back door. That's where I met Raisin. We had a nice ride. :)

Happy trails!

"Prepare your mind to receive the best life has to offer." -Ernest Holmes


kate said...

Very nice photos. And, by the way, you might want to come back soon for the Tucson rodeo. It's worth the trip!

Kristi said...

Tucson is my 2nd made me miss it terribly!! Looks like a fun ride ;)

Lindsay Teague Moreno said...

you went horseback riding alone? That makes me sad Sam. I would have come with you. Boooo.

Samara Link said...

it wasn't sad. it was fun! there were other people there. i talked to this lady who was riding behind me the whole time.
she and her husband are from canada. they own an inn there -- sounds like a lovely place. they used to own horses
and do rides like the one we were one. now, they come to tucson for half the year and they ride and work with bobbi.
she was terribly interesting to chat with. in fact, she inspired me! she was talking about how they wanted to create
a life for themselves they could really enjoy together and they wanted work to be fun. that's why they struck out on
their own and did their own businesses over the years. i thought that was great.

but i would have loved it if you were there, too! :)

Anne said...

Sam, I have to tell you a funny story this reminds me of. When Jen and Ian's dad and I got married, we spent our honeymoon in Mackinaw City and Mackinac Island. While on the Island, we took a tour on horses around the island. Pat was not very experienced on horses, so the tour guide gave him a veteran horse, "The Colonel", out of the barn. The Colonel had many years of experience with riders on Mackinac Island. After 30 minutes on horseback, the guide said we could detour ourselves from the pack if we knew where we were going, so Pat and I decided to head off on our own. Well, evidently, The Colonel, who was accustomed to rookie riders, decided he wanted to go in a different direction - the direction he was accustomed to following. Pat had quite a time getting The Colonel to obey his orders. After some fearful bouts with the horse, we just decided to follow The Colonel's lead. We eventually caught up with the rest of the rookie crowd.

Trujen said...

I can't believe I missed this post!
So fun!!! Love the pictures! You're a cute cowgirl!!!

Also, just read comment from mom, I never heard that story before! Too funny! I was waiting for mom to say something about dad having a horrible allergy attack due to his horrific outdoor allergies.