Saturday, January 30, 2010

{FOR SALE: China Hutch, China & Grill}

FYI ... posted three things on Craiglist today.
If you're in the valley and you're interested, let me know. (

Click to see more info and photos on each:

* China hutch ---> SOLD!!

* Six place settings of china (no chips)

* Grill ---> SOLD!!

p.s. Craigslist is amazing. An interested buyer replied about the hutch within minutes of
me posting it. She was here to pick it up within two hours, by which time, I had five or six
other emails from people who wanted it. (Obviously, I could have asked for more.) The grill
sold about 20 hours after I put it out there. Very happy with my craigslist experience so far.
I've posted about ten things and sold all but two almost immediately. Pretty cool!


TruJen Phtography said...

Oh, I love your hutch! I wish I a-lived close by b) had the space for it!

So, what are you going to do with all that space???

Samara Link said...

I love that hutch, too. It's been good to us. :) We have been looking at the buffet that matches our dining room table since we got the table three years ago. David finally pulled the plug and surprised me with the purchase in December. It won't arrive until the 9th. So, I'll decorate around it after it's here. It's just a buffet ... no hutch on top. I'm looking forward to getting the new one. Our dining room looks really empty right now!

Anne said...

Tell me more about selling on E-Bay. I've never done it before and am a little interested. I need honesty, which is why I ask you, as a friend.