Sunday, January 02, 2011

{The Dresser, Refinished ~ 100 Years Later}

One should not gauge the amount of time it takes to refinish furniture through my blog.
I was in no hurry to finish my latest project -- a dresser. I worked on it when inspired,
and I took my time with each stage. In all, it was a six month venture, but something like
this could be knocked out in a long weekend with some sticktoitiveness.

I had fun refinishing this dresser, and I was glad to complete the project in 2010. :) Here's
a look at the before and after ...

The stain is a few shades darker. All the brassy gold has been removed. And the spots
where it was showing it's age have been sanded down and glossed over, giving it a fresh look.

It feels great to have it back in my office, acting as storage again. Hopefully this facelift
will give it another 40 years of life.

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