Wednesday, October 21, 2009

{PCI Bonding Time}

You know, we're pretty lucky to have a good group of people around us because of D's
job. Got to spend some time with them on two different occassions in the last month.
Just getting around to sharing a couple photos here today...

All of us from Phoenix & Albuquerque PCI (minus a couple people who couldn't make it)
got together for a lovely weekend in Tucson. It was a nice getaway!

I didn't have my camera out much at all. Too busy chatting -- and playing hours of pool volleyball on Saturday afternoon. It was nice to see people from New Mexico and meet
those who've recently joined the group. Also, Kim told us all about her amazing trip to
South Africa. It was a lot of fun!

Here's everyone at dinner ... AZ & NM 2009.

The weekend before Tucson was a baby shower for Mandi. The gliche -- Mandi went
into labor with Jace that morning. How's that for timing? We had to have the party
without her. We hadn't hung out as a group in about three months. So, we had fun
catching up, anyway.

Jenny and Kim did a really nice job of putting it together. Thanks, ladies. And congrats
to new parents, Mandi and Brian. Photos of Jace, coming soon!!

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