Thursday, June 11, 2009


(David, Killian, Me, and Norah -- a few weeks ago.)

Today I'm thinking about --
my plan for the day
managing my time
positive energy
living in the moment
taking good care of myself
loving the people I love
working toward my goals
having fun
thinking before I talk
making today count


Lis said...

I need to work on ALL OF THAT. Especially thinking before I talk and pretending I know everything. Cuz I always look like a DORK. haha! Cute summery picture!!!!

e said...

oh i love this family photo! you Links look great. love your sentiments today as well - good reminder for me. especially think before I of my weaknesses in my personal life. probably b/c I have to concentrate on doing it so hard in my professional life. :)

Unknown said...

I specifically love the one about "loving the people I love". That is so the truth. Sometimes we let every other little thing get in the way. Thanks for reminding me on what I need to do as well!

TruJen Phtography said...

Your shoulders look great!
You been lifting weights?
So beautiful!
Love the family pic!!!!

Amy said...

you guys look so happy, what a great pic! your dogs are so gorgeous!! I'm Amy Moroney, I'm married to Brians brother Steven. I never got to meet you only David. I love your blog and check it often. You take great pictures. Our blog, if your ever curious is,