Wednesday, April 15, 2009

{I'm Composting, Baby!}

This is something I've wanted to do for a long time, and I'm
finally doing it! Making our house a house that composts was
one of my April resolutions. It's already in effect!

My bin came with a book (pictured above), and it's loaded with
great information -- everything you could possibly need to know
about composting. I also decided to do a story on it for my TV
reporting class. That let me to ask all the questions I could think
of and wanted to know about before getting started. I did my
interviews on Tuesday. Wednesday, I designated a bowl for
collecting fresh food scraps in the kitchen.

This weekend, we picked a spot -- on the side of the yard next
to the air conditioner -- and I put it in. I dug a small hole and
secured the perimeter with some dirt and rock. (I'm not sure
if it was necessary to do that. My source said it wasn't, but the
book said to. So, I tried it that way; figured it couldn't hurt.)

I started it with a layer of brown (carbons) that included drier
lint, dried grass, a few dried leaves, and paper from the paper
shredder. Then, I tossed in the contents of the bowl I started
Wednesday, otherwise known as greens (nitrogen). The bowl
was heaping full after only four days.

Happy as a kid in a candy store. Now, I just need to keep it
moist, add to it, stir it up, and let the bacteria work it's magic.
(I'm also making frequent wishes that it goes well and doesn't
attract too many creatures!) Fingers are officially crossed.

If you compost, I'd love to hear about your experience with it
and what you think of it. What works, what doesn't.


Pawsitively Pictures said...

Totally interesting. I have been wondering about these compost devices and wondered if they work. Keep me posted.

Lis said...

DUDE. NOW WAY! I was going to try that when we moved her. I saw it on THIS OLD HOUSE once using leaves! We didnt have a back yard so it never happened. LET ME KNOW HOW IT GOES!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey there chica - just read the ol' blog - GOOD FOR YOU!

I'm jealous - totally had everything ready to start a few years ago - but the thought of dogs in the backyard with a container of composting food scraps won out - and I gave in. So I'll be anxious to see how it goes with your two - mine are of similar size and curiosity!!!!!

So forge on - we spent Christmas in Vermont and my aunt is a FEROCIOUS composter - has been for as long as I've know her. Their compost heap is the size of a 2-ton pickup! But her garden in the spring shows the rewards from's glorious!

But here is something similar to what she uses...on the counter...because sometimes the bowl of coffee grounds and apple cores gets old to look at. Check this out...

How purty!!!! Thought I'd share it - just in case the bowl thing with big dogs doesn't work for you. She takes her out about every other day...

Good for YOU! Keep at it - sounds cool - you might inspire me yet. But still - the dog thing....

Where did you get your container? It looks like one of our Gilbert city trash cans!!! how cool!

happy Wednesday!


Lindsey said...

We started with a "compost pile" behind our shed; however, it is far too shady back there and animals were always digging our fresh scraps out. My husband loves to compost though, seeing everything break down seems to amuse him. I just bought a compost bin, so we will see how that goes, at least it will keep the crows and whatever else out. Good luck!

carlene federer said...

Congrats you gorgeously green girl! You are gonna rock composting (worms or no, LOL!)

Anonymous said...

where did you get the bin?
D. Baldo