Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Silly bloggers out there are always running around tagging other
bloggers to do things like surveys and photo challenges. I can
rarely resist. On Saturday evening when D and I plopped onto
the couch to relax and flip channels -- woo-hoo! --I turned on my
laptop. That's when I found a post on Lindsay's blog tagging me
and four other unsuspecting ladies with an assignment -- take a
photo of yourself as you are right in the moment. No fixing hair,
clothes or makeup. In the name of pure laziness, I used the handy
webcam in my laptop instead of getting up to get my camera.

This is me in the now, last Saturday evening. Favorite zip up
hoodie, hair pulled half back, makeup on but looking like it's been
there since early, generally happy after a nice and relaxing day.

No tags. Just do it if you want to!
Although, Jennifer Jones - I hope you do it. I miss your face!


Unknown said...

awesome :)

Kristi @ Mi Vida Ocupada said...

Good thing you looked so cute! LOL
Thanks for not tagging me because I am stuffed up and think I am getting a cold...not looking cute at ALL!!!

carlene federer said...

This tag really isn't the same for you 30 and under crowd, lol!
Sorry you're sick, hope you get better FAST!!!

Anonymous said...

you look beautiful. :)

Sue Thomas said...