Sunday, January 03, 2010

{The Kids}

In a rare moment of sibling tolerance, all my babies shared a snuggle spot recently.

Norah and Killian sit together everyday.

Oliver? He's kind of a loner -- at least when it comes to the dogs. (He's actually a mama's boy,
and I'm fairly sure he'd love to be an only child.)

So, it was a really nice treat when Killian and Norah joined Oliver on the bed and he stayed.

Oliver wasn't thrilled about it -- clearly -- but he dealt with it long enough for me to capture
the moment.

I love these guys so, so, so much! It's been nice spending some time with them in the past
two or three weeks. The last semester was a busy one, and I feel like we're making up for
lost time a bit. It's nice!


Kristi said...

Very sweet!

Trujen said...

Your babies are beautiful! Even though I have yet to meet Oliver I can tell he's a great little guy!
I don't think I told you this but when we got the Link family Christmas card the first thing that came out of Scott's mouth was, "Man, that Killian is one great looking dog!". I thought that was cute. And I think your card was beautiful!

Sue Thomas said...

Hahahahaha!!! That looks like the same level of love seen at our house. I love it, Sam!!!

elizabeth said...

omg - Oliver's face is cracking me up in that last photo! I love how the dogs are super trying to be his friend and he's ignoring them. seems funny given the size difference. :)