Saturday, January 17, 2009

{Happy Feet}

I had no idea how much I would love slippers.
I go barefoot 99% of the time when at home, but
we have a lot of tile. Lately, I've been wanting
some cushion. Today, I found it. And then I


Lis said...

I went through that phase LAST year! Not that your slippers are SO LAST YEAR or anything because it just made me think i REALLY miss my slippers. I wish i had them! Another reason to be excited to get my butt HOME.

Oh and im working up a reply to your reply to my reply and stuff.

Love your slippers. THey make me warm anD FUZZY.

Trujen said...

All you need is a fuzzy bathrobe and you're all set!

carlene federer said...

Got my bunny slippers on right now, can't live without 'em!!!

Sue Thomas said...

Love, love, love slippers!!!!

Lindsay Teague Moreno said... those! I love slippers too! I need to get me some since I'm homebound!