Saturday, December 13, 2008

{Memory Book for Mom, Part 1}

David's mom, Sandy, has a lot of pictures of the boys from
when they were little. They just needed a home in a book
that would be easy to flip through. When he was visiting in
August, I had him pick up a stack of those old photos so I
could do something with them for her.

My goals with this project were simple:
* get all the pictures in one book
* without spending too many hours or dollars
This translated into:
* photos on cardstock, for the most part
* an album style book instead of creative scrapbook pages

I sent it her way recently. So, now I can post the pages. I
thought those of you who knew Brian and David when they were
little or who know them now would especially appreciate this.

Click images to enlarge:

This is the photo I put in the book's front cover. David, the
littler of the two, looks like a blonde, miniature version of his
dad here.

Brian and David have a lovely mom. Here she is, back in the
day, cute as a button and all dressed in white. She has always
been and always is so absolutely put together.

Portraits of Brian through the years. He is 14 months older
then David. He lives in Chicago now.

David, the younger years. I had never seen the school
photo at the top, left of this page. It is officially my favorite
picture of him now. He still makes that expression at times,
and it always melts my heart.

David, a little older.

High school graduation. That's Brian and his mom on the
top and D with his mom on the bottom.

David took a photo with his mom during his senior pictures.

The rest of the pages are family pictures:

They spent a lot of time with Uncle Dick and Aunt Anita
growing up. That bottom, middle picture is Anita and the
boys with a bowl of Maryland Blue Crab.

That's Anita with Ryan in the bottom left. Love that picture.
As I do that one of Brian on the top left. So STRONG! :)

Family pictures with Sandy, her parents and her siblings.

I left a little spot for her to journal on this page. More family
time here. That's Uncle Jim, bottom right.

Pictures with the grandparents and more room to journal.

Eating Thanksgiving and blue crab.

These photos are of the boys as they're getting older.
That's Tracy, Brian's wife on the bottom right. They were
so young there! (They're still together.)

And last but not least, a holiday card from their house in
Sylvan Lake that I'm sure Anita drew for them, pictures of
Brian and his mom, family pets, and this cute birthday note
from Brian to Sandy.

Whew! That was a lot of scanning. I have one more post of
the pages in the book posted below that include all the boys
sports pictures.
That's in for now...


Miss M! said...

That was so sweet of you to do this for his mom! When my husband and I had just been dating for a year or so, I snagged a bunch of old photos of him and his sister and scrapped those. I made the nicer pages into a calendar for his parents as Christmas gifts.

carlene federer said...

Sam, you are awesome! How great of you to put this all together in such a great form! I bet your MIL loves it!

Kristi said...

What a wonderful and thoughtful project!! That must've taken a long time but what a great keepsake

Trujen said...

You're going to laugh but the pictures of D in high shool, it's a cross between Rich Shade and Ryan Ruehle. HA HA HA. :o)