Monday, December 29, 2008

{Crazy, Rule Breaking Link Girls}

I ended up having a nice birthday. After...
~ a visit with Lindsay and Michael
~ picking up David, whose knee wouldn't let him
finish the days 20 mile run and
~ watching Lipstick Jungle (my guilty pleasure)
D and I headed to the mall where I found this great
Christmas tee for a whole $6.99 here.

We also got him some much needed pants on sale at
Banana because when you lose a million pounds, your
old pants just look silly. And then we stopped in
for this, which I love.

After that, we grabbed some dinner and went to see
Marley and Me. Which was ironic because when we
got home, I kind of felt like the spirit of the movie
followed us.

You see, we crate Norah when we're gone. Attempts to
leave her out haven't been too successful. So, in the
crate she goes. While I was in Ohio, David struck on
a new system though. He pulled her crate to the walk
way between the kitchen and the kitchen nook and put
both dog beds and Killian in the blockaded area with
her. It really seemed to be working out, until that
night when she (or at least we assume it was her)
shredded their feather pillow.

Feathers everywhere (don't mind the horrific
lighting). When we walked in, she actually had
a feather hanging from her mouth. Classic.

Norah, with what we so inappropriately call her
Chi-nee eyes. The minute she thinks she might
possibly be in trouble, she makes this face.
Has ever since she was an itty bitty puppy.

Neither of us could even think of being upset though.
She just isn't ready to be out on her own when we're
gone. That's certainly not her fault.

Blissfully unaware now...

Before I cleaned all that up, we had birthday pie.
Yes, pie. I don't have anything against cake. In
fact, carrot cake is one of my very favorite desserts,
but I love pie. So, David made me birthday pie this
year. Breaking the cake tradition was fun and delicious.

We went to a 9:20 PM movie, so it was late by the
time we got home. We put a candle in my piece of
pie, and just before I made my wish, I turned to
look at the clock on the oven. It was 11:59 PM,
the last minute before the end of my birthday. I
got my wish in just in time. Here's hoping it
comes true...


Olivia said...

Oh my gosh! What a little shit! :) I have two Boxers that are brothers, and they have had their fair share of messes. They just give you that look, and you can't be mad! Happy Late Birthday!

Kristi said...

Oh, what a mess your little Norah made! LOL. Her face was too funny! That pie your hubby made looked so delish....and may your birthday wishes come true!

Miss M! said...

I am amazed not only at how many feathers are actually in a feather pillow, but how evenly she managed to blanket the area with them!

Lindsay Teague Moreno said...

1. I can't believe you publicly admit to the "chi-nee eyes" bit...It's so un-PC of you, Sam...I love it!

2. Wow, that is an impossible amount of feathers


4. Glad you got your wish in!


JENNY B said...

happy birthday Sam!! Our doggies have to be crated too---
I can't even deal with thinking of what they would do to the house with us gone and them running free! Have a blessed year!

carlene federer said...

sounds like a great seriously loving that x-mas tee you bought!
LOL on Naughty Norah, love her "please don't be mad at me, can't you see how cute I am?" face!
Hope your b-day wish comes true!

e said...

wow - what a great birthday! minus the feathers, but having had a lab I know story. they usually need to be crated for quite a while.

i love pie too - so much more than cake really so birthday pie sounds great to me. how sweet of D to make it for you. :)

Sue Thomas said...

Uh-oh Nora!!!!! Hope your birthday wish comes true, Sam!!!!!!

Jill said...

Happy Belated Birthday Sam! It's been fun reading up on your blog. Too funny about Norah's pillow fight. My son just got a lab puppy and I have a feeling he's in for some "adventures" as well. Wishing you a very Happy New Year!