Saturday, November 29, 2008

{Rain Drops Fallin' On My Head}

BLACK FRIDAY UPDATE: I heard a person -- one of our fellow human beings --
was TRAMPLED TO DEATH as crowds made their way into a Walmart on the east
coast Friday morning. Wow. If that doesn't say something about our need as a culture
to down play the commericalism of the holiday season and connect with the real spirit
of joy and giving, I'm not sure what does. For the good of all humankind ... Slow down,
relax, think, and breath.


Now, on with today's post:

I grew up in the land of gray days -- Lansing, Michigan.
Drizzle, rain & clouds were far more common than sunshine.
It was one of the things I was excited to move away from
when we left there in the last days of 2000. Now, I live
in the desert where gray, wet days are a welcomed and
celebrated change of pace. It had been a long time since
we had rain, but this week brought some clouds, soft drizzle
and cooler temps. It was wonderful. I spent the weekend
up north where everything smelled and looked beautiful
after the rain. And I finally got to see some fall foliage!!
It was a strange Thanksgiving, but I'm glad I went up there,
for sure. It was a good move for me.

I hope you are enjoying the long weekend.
Live in the moment!


Kristi said...

Oh, it is breathtaking! Love your late Fall colors...better late than never, huh?! Great photos of you too :)

Trujen said...

I second that Kristi!
Great shots Sam.
I love the chairs.
That would be a great picture for a kitchen nook.
You look beautiful!

carlene federer said...

great pix, and you look super cute! you were in Sedona I'm guessing?
looking forward to more info about the Komen 3-day...I'm very tempted!