Friday, October 31, 2008

{Things That Made Me Happy This Week}

* Seeing Kevin Nealon @ Tempe Improv
* An awesome nap
* Making dinner (mushroom - barley soup)
* Going to the track with D to run/walk while he ran
* Catching up with my peeps
* Receiving snail mail from Lindsay and Jennifer
* Getting my upgraded BR card = FREE ALTERATIONS!
* Receiving my first copy of Smithsonian magazine
* Knowing we're so close to the election!
* Discovering flair on FB (just plain fun)
* Good TV
* Being able to wear some light sweaters
* Having my windows open every morning
* Getting the Lupus 5K shot, edited and turned in
* Killian, Norah and Oliver - as always
* Making spontaneous plans with Cynthia - good times!
* Getting to know Tasneem (a friend at school) better
* Finding 14 kids books for $10 at a thrift store
* Also finding an awesome gray sweater there for $4
* A surprise call from David to meet him for lunch
* The nice comments I received on my photos - (Blush)
* Making plans for Halloween
* Blowing off my Thursday morning classes
* An awesome 2nd appt with Chelsea, my new therapist
* Finally deciding to titrate down from Lexapro

And now for some Halloween humor, compliments of Far Side:

Have a happy, spooky and safe Halloween!


Lindsay Teague Moreno said...

I FUCKING love the Far Side. Awesome.


Miss M! said...

Free alterations ROCK! That's why I like to buy pants at Nordstrom.