Thursday, September 11, 2008

{Never Forget}

You probably know exactly where you were
when it happened. It's a moment ingrained in
time. Today, seven years later, we remember...

We will never forget all those who were lost or the
loved ones they left behind. We will never forget
those who fought -- selflessly -- to help. We will
never forget the images. We will never forget the
feeling, the fright, the moment. We will never forget
the unity we held as Americans.

Tonight, I lit my 9/11 candle. It's my tradition --
something I do so I will never forget.

In the days after 9/11, everyone was trying to wrap their
minds around what happened and what they could do to
make some kind of difference in an otherwise helpless moment.
I was living in Dallas at the time. As I approached a busy
intersection, I spotted a couple people passing something
out to the drivers ahead of me. Then a man handed me a
small box. In it was a candle, he said. We should all light it
that Friday at a given time to take a moment -- together --
in silence and in thought. I lit it that year, as I have every
year since (except for '06).

I don't know where that candle came from. The city? An
individual? I'll probably never know. But it was a small
gesture that reached out in a big way. Today, I wanted
to share it with you.

{Here's a link to a wonderful photo post on the subject
by Liz. It's totally worth a peak. I thought she summed
it up rather nicely.}

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carlene federer said...

I hope you scrapbook/have scrapbooked the story about your candle, how amazing!