Saturday, August 16, 2008

{Guys Golf Getaway}

Hello! I've been on a blog-hiatus. But I'm back
and armed with some topics for the coming week.

I wasn't going to post this until I got some people
pictures to include, but they never found their way
to my inbox. So, I decided to go ahead without them...


PCI (the company David works for) and
Jerry from Penington Paint teamed up to
take a group of guys on a five day golf
retreat to Oregon. They went to Bandon
Dunes. Doesn't look like it was a bad place
to spend a few days!

I borrowed these three photos are from their site.

Bandon is a resort, but you stay in your own
private little cottage. So cute!

Here's the view off the back end of the cottage. Beautiful.

The courses there don't allow golf carts at all. So, you carry
or pull your bag, or you can use a caddy. The guys played
the par three on the first day and then two rounds of golf
Monday through Wednesday. One of the caddies said they
walked about 36 miles while they were there. I heard reports
of blisters, a sore right foot and back spasms. They're not
20 anymore!!!

How awesome is this? D said there were deer roaming all
over the course. Simple perfection.

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carlene federer said...

Hey Sam!
Thanx for coming to visit my blog, I was on vaca and had iffy connection, so am just now getting a chance to come & visit your blog...which is very cool! Love the scrappy stuff, and all the little tid-bits & links! I'll be back soon!