Sunday, August 31, 2008

{Eight IS Enough!}

I so badly want Barack Obama to become president!
Unfortunately, I missed his acceptance speech on
Thursday. Thanks to YouTube, I was able to watch
it this morning.

He gave me goosebumps more times than I could count.
He's brilliant, and I think he is capable of doing
an incredible job if given the chance.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Sam...just saw your post on Kim Kesti's blog - about her 12-of-12 page. If you want to be added to the "official email reminder list" for the 12-of-12 project - hop on over to the blog and send me an email. I email everyone on about the 9th or 10th as a reminder - and we post our results (well, some of use do) on the blog. I have emails going out to about 300 scrappers...JOIN IN THE FUN!!!

(Susan - from way of Lindsay!!!)