Thursday, July 31, 2008

{Dear Diary...}

I thought this article had some pretty good romantic
ideas that can be used any day of the year.

1. Stuff a little love note in your sweetie's pocket, sock,
or shoe. For maximum impact, try email.

2. Secretly load a photo of the two of you as the desktop
wallpaper on your honey's computer.

3. Burn a CD with tunes from your dating days and include
your first dance (or favorite) song.

4. Buy a heart-shaped cookie-cutter and use it to make toast
the next morning.

5. Look up the date of the next full moon and celebrate with
a champagne toast.

6. Learn to ice skate or in-line skate together. This works
best when both of you are beginners — the more clinging to
each other, the better.

7. Hate basketball and your main squeeze is addicted to it?
Get tickets to a game. Despise musicals? Surprise your sweetie
with tickets to a show. Go against the grain, and endure with
grace and cheer.

8. Spend the day at a museum, holding hands.

9. Forget breakfast in bed. Have dinner in bed (and don't
worry about the crumbs).

10. Go to bed early. No books, no magazines, no remote control.

11. Tell a secret — it'll bring you closer.

12. Create your own cocktail together. Then make up a name for
it by combining your two names.

13. Write "I Love You" on the steamy mirror while your beloved
is in the shower.

14. Go to a bookstore or music store together, then split up.
Your mission: Buy something you know your sweetie will love.
Then, wrap and exchange.

15. Have a picnic. It doesn't have to be outdoors, it can be
on your living room floor.

16. Absence is an aphrodisiac. Spend a weekend without each
other (sub your best pal, your sister, your old college roommate)
and plan to meet back at your place after 48 hours apart.

17. Teach each other about something the other knows nothing
about. He can teach her all the rules of chess, or how to make
a perfect omelet. She can teach him ten phrases in French and
how to use the digital camera.

18. Get away from it all close to home — spend a night in a
very luxurious hotel or cozy bed-and-breakfast in your own

19. Get dressed together — choose each other's attire (for
work, for dinner out, whatever). Then, later, get undressed

20. Find your sweetie's car in the parking lot and tuck a
love note under the windshield wiper.

When's the last time you did something to spice up your
love life -- letting your special other know you're thinking
of them? What spontaneous, romantic things have you tried


t dawg said...

These are so wonderful!! It's sometimes easy to get wrapped up in everyday life and easy to forget to be romantic....but I love these!!!

Lindsay Teague Moreno | 5ive Photo said...

very good ideas. I like the book/music store one. And the one that mentions taking clothes know how i roll! :) Anything that ends with a sure thing for me is a-ok!


Anonymous said...

love these ideas! i think i'll use a couple of them soon :) said...

How sweet!

Becky said...

My sister tried to email you...I guess the email you have linked to your blog isn't accurate anymore, it came back undeliverable. Anyhow, we wanted to help with Lindsay's shower in October (I figured you'd have something to do with it, (right?))! I know it's a ways away, but let me know what we can do or help with. Email me at daysegrl(at)cox(dot)net.