Sunday, June 01, 2008

{24 Square Inches}

Two new pages. It feels great to be getting
these pictures in albums!

My brother and Pam with their kids on vacation
last summer.

These are from a trip we all took to the zoo
a couple years ago when visiting Michigan.
I have always loved these pictures of Catherine.
She's such a beautiful girl.

Hope you're having a wonderful first day of June!


Julie Hoopes said...

Great layouts! I've been meaning to ask you... I've noticed that most of your layouts are 1 page now. Do you like doing those more than the 2 page? I don't know if I might get more done if I went to one page layouts!? Just wondering why you made the switch??

Trujen said...

Very nice!
I love the pic of Catherine reading. She looks so peaceful. I can only imagine all the wonderful ideas and adventures that she's taking in.
I just love this layout!