Wednesday, May 21, 2008

{Today's Forecast}

Summer is settling in here in Phoenix.
Last weekend, it felt like someone turned
the oven on. Super warm air, but it's been
breezy. So, at least things are moving
around, and the sun is shining. It hasn't
been too bad at all considering the numbers.
Then we woke up to a wonderful cool front
this morning! It's lovely out! A little
overcast, nice and cool...

Yesterday was really windy, and I, as if forgetting
how things work around here, left all our windows
open to enjoy the breeze. It was awesome. Except
my whole house got covered in dust. Lesson re-learned!

1 comment:

TruJen Phtography said...

Ok, I have to pick on the weather people for just a second.
So, I see the HOT over Monday and Tuesday. And yes, I do agree that 108+ is hot. But, how come 102 doesn't get a HOT? Is it not worthy of a HOT? I mean really, it's over 100 degrees? Even 85+ is FN hot!

Anyway, if you get tired of 100+degrees, come on up! It's only 60 here. We're having a colder spring.