Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I've been feeling inspired to make things lately!
Wanna see?

Went to a Stampin' Up card class with the ladies at PCI.
I've never really used stamps before. So, that was cool.
And it was fun to catch up with everyone there. My favs
are the three on the far left.

My SIL, Pamela, had a birthday this week.
I made this Christmas decoration for her.

I'm working on building our Halloween decoration
stash. So, I thought I'd make this while I had
everything out. Oliver helped picked out the ribbon!

One thing lead to another, and I moved onto Valentine's Day.

And another one in different papers...

That's it for today!

p.s. Finished my root canal yesterday. And now, after my regular
cleaning on the 20th, I'm done for awhile! Still have one more
crown to do this year, but it can wait. I need a break!


Lindsay Teague said...

holy mother of god...when you said you got a lot accomplished, i figured it was a couple of knocked it out of the park. really good stuff. i am in lurve with the xoxo!!! i am soooo copying you!


Trujen said...

Look at Crafty McCrafterson! I LOVE the XO's too! I however am not going to copy you. (Only cause I'm too lazy!) :o) Otherwise I totally would!
Fun stuff Sam!

Julie Hoopes said...

Super Cute!!! I need to head to Hobby Lobby now!! Love the cards too! I'm a huge Stampin up fan--- I have tons of stamps/inks from them and they make the cutest projects!