Thursday, February 21, 2008

{We Got a CAT!}

David, dad and I went to dinner on Friday night.
The restaurant was right by a Petco. So, we popped
in to refresh our supply of dog treats and toys, again.

Sam: D, what are you doin'?

David: I always stop to say hi to the cats.

These are kitties that have been rescued by
Hope for Cats, a non-profit and non-killing
cat shelter.

We said hello to two --
Christmas, a white cat who was NOT nice.
And Sam, who was TOTALLY loveable and sweet.
He purred away and rubbed up on our fingers.

David: Do you wanna cat?

Really?! Yeah, he's so sweet. Why not?

David: He needs a home.

Sam: Do you think they'll take him
out of his kennel so we can visit him?

David: The sign says to call Kris.

So, we write the number down, buy our doggie
supplies and head home.

Fast forward to the next day. The guys are
golfing, I walk into Petco at 12:30 PM.

Sam: Hi, I'm the one who called about this
gorgeous little cat. He's so darling. I am not going
to take him home right now because my husband isn't
here, but I thought I could stop in and get to know
him a little -- and ask you some questions because I've
never had a cat before! Then, when David gets done
golfing, if he's still on board, we'll come back and
pick him up.

One hour later . . . I leave with a cat!!!!

I'd like to introduce you to the newest memeber
of Link Adventure!!
He's two years old.
So, so, so sweet and loveable!!!!
He likes kisses and attention.
He is so into getting love, it's amazing.
We totally dig this little guy!

Lots more pictures to follow, I'm sure!


Lindsay Teague said...

Lindsay: Wait, wait, wait, back up a minute, it sounded like you said 'we got a cat' just now.

Sam: Blah Blah Blah, talking about the day...'We got a cat'!

Lindsay: WHAT? Your house is going to be a rescue animal shelter. I didn't even know you were a 'cat person'!

Sam: Neither did I

Lindsay: What's his name?

Sam: Sam

Lindsay: WHAT?

Sam: Yea, we're going to have to change that.

he really is cute though! :) Happy cat'ing!

The Shavers said...

How cute!!! I didn't know you guys liked cats....but what a cute do the dogs like him?

Trujen said...


Sam: What?
Ok, Lindsay's is so much funnier but I was on the same page as her before I even saw she commented.

I have to admit, Oliver is very pretty. And I have to say, short haired cats are easier to pick up after than long haired.

Congratulations (I guess) on your new cat.

Sandy mom said...

HE IS ADORABLE!!!!!!!! His eyes are amber; I’m so glad he fit in so well, see it was meant to be!