Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Oliver has been so fun for me. For us.
He is SUCH a LOVE. So sweet. And cuddly.
It's amazing.
Especially when he curls up on my chest.
Ughhh. I can't get enough of that!
Or when he sits on my desk between me and my
keyboard (our most intimate time) so I'll pet him.
You could hear his purrs in Kansas.
He runs amazing interference between anything
I attempt to do on the computer.
He just can't get enough attention.
(Right now, he's standing directly in front
of the monitor. So, I can't see what I'm typing.)

In the main living areas, he tends to be more
independent. I think that has a lot to do with
Killian and Norah. His favorite spots have been
under the dining room table and in front of the
sliding glass door facing the driveway and road.

He is doing great with the dogs though --
they're warming up to each other more everyday.
Killian was very curious at first, but after a couple days,
he pretty much didn't pay Oliver any attention.
Norah just wanted to play with him.
Of course, he wasn't really down for that
and ran or swatted at her attempts to make friends.
Now Norah understands (or is getting there anyway)
that Oliver isn't the same kind of friend as Killian.
And I think Oliver is seeing that Norah isn't a threat.
They watch each other. A lot.
And now they're able to lay in the same area
without there being need for a chase down.

Anyway, I totally dig him.
He's perfect.
And doing great with his litter box! Not one problem
there . . . Except that NORAH likes to EAT cat SHIT.
Fun. I almost puked when I discovered her HEAD in there.
EEEEWWWWW! I found a solution to the problem though --
by turning the opening of the litter box toward the
wall so the cat can get in but Norah can't.
Super disgusting problem solved!


Trujen said...

Yea, don't want the dogs eating the litter. If they do, you'll get some nasty surprises like the ones Trina has left for me. YUCK!

Where are you keeping the box anyway?
I have a simple solution but I don't really know where you'd do it.
I'll email my idea.

Cute pics of you and Oliver!
Love the shirt! It's super cute.

Lindsay Teague said...

yea, nice boobs, Sam.

and, i'm in Chandler, but I don't hear the purrs so I'm pretty sure they're not hearing them in Kansas! ha! Can't wait to meet him!

I'm off to my Photoshop class! Wooho!