Thursday, December 06, 2007

Jump in Feet First

Snorkeling in Hawaii was so much fun! What a cool thing
to be able to take a glimpse into the underwater world
we normally only get to imagine or see in TV. There was
so much to explore, and to think we were just in a little
cove. A drop in the bucket, so to speak. There is a whole
'nother world down there. This planet of ours is a truly

fabulous place.

We were fortunate enough to bring back so many pictures,

thanks solely to David, who did an incredible job with the
underwater camera we rented. Let's get down to it.

Me, ready to jump in

Link Adventure Snorkel Team!

Silver back

Under the sea!

Paper thin -- amazing to think there are little organs
in there. Where do they fit?

Off to explore

Sea floor

Sea floor close up

Shark like

Amazing colors

Ready to slide

That's D and me in the water already. Anthony is about to
make a splash.

Peas and carrots - having a laugh

Cute little bitty

Yeller feller

Loan swimmer

Green brain

Slender silver

This is so cool! I'm loving it, you can be sure.
It was about this point in the trip where I was
asking myself -- WHY don't we live CLOSER to the

Mmm -mm -mmm

D, going back up for air

Fancy fins

Hang loose

My favorite of the day -- Good snap D! (Looks better
bigger. Click to enlarge.)


It was an itsy-bitsy-teeny-weenie-black-and-white-polka-
dot-fishy that we saw for the very first time...

Bumble stripes

Electric avenue

Again, thank you to PCI for a wonderful experience.
Snorkeling was SO MUCH FUN. I think I'll be up for
scuba diving next time D and I get to the ocean.

Also, thank you to the people of Hawaii for taking care
of the earth around them so it is clean and preserved for
us to come and enjoy. What an amazing place.

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Trujen said...

I'm ready to book my trip!
So beautiful!