Monday, July 09, 2007

When the Clock Strikes Six on Friday Night

We had a good weekend! It involved lots of play time.
Went to a great Irish Pub -- best we've been to while
living in AZ. Complete with Guinness, Jameson,
fish-n-chips, and great conversation. Good times.

Michael told us the wood they used on the inside
actually came from a pub in Ireland that was taken
down. How cool is that? The only not-so-cool part
about that night -- was the next morning. I felt like
poo. I passed my three drink limit by double and
then some. Ouch. So, my Saturday didn't really
start until about 3:30 PM. Went for a swim with
David and then got ready to head to Anthony and
Jen's to play Texas Hold 'Em (my first time) to
celebrate 7-7-07. This rookie won the whole pot
on the second round. That's right!!

Also played nine with D, Michael and Lindsay
Sunday morning. I haven't golfed since Ireland.
So, it was high time. My putting left A LOT to be
desired, but I hit some good shots, too. I actually
made par on one hole and shot a couple nice chips.
Plenty to make me want to go out and try it again
soon. We topped the day off with some comfort
food, a good nap, a little reading, and a movie
(Pursuit of Happiness). Perfect.


TruJen Phtography said...

Wow! What a weekend!
Good job on the Texas Hold 'Em. Luck of the Irish I say. :o)

Unknown said...

fish-n-ships? hahahahahaha!
Teague told me how much fun you two rowdy chicas had...sounds like fun UNTIL the mornign after! ;-)