Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Children of the Sun

I'm trying to work on using light in my photographs.
Still have a ways to go in my trial-by-error learning,
but I had a recent practice session with Norah (4
months) when she sat down in front of the sliding
glass door.

I took these photos several weeks ago; she's actually five
and a half months now. Pictures just don't capture how
adorable this little one is. We got her final set of shots last
week. The vet said she weighed 36 pounds and that besides
a little ear infection, she looks great. (The drops he gave
me worked like a charm.) He couldn't get over what a
sweet girl she is, and I agree. We are so taken with her.

She has become quite a snuggler and always wants to be
close by. Right now I'm in the office and she's curled up on
the floor next to me. She's also realised how much nicer
furniture is to nap on. She is so sensitive to correction
though. It doesn't take more than a slightly stern
"Norah" for her to know she needs to change her
behavior. With that, she'll shuffle over with her head
low and her tail wagging even lower, with those sweet
puppy eyes looking up at you. It's enough to melt the
coldest heart.


Lindsay Teague Moreno | 5ive Photo said...

awesome awesome awesome. Don't you love those black black areas? I've got a couple good tips for you to take care of the "blow out" where the sun directly hits...that will make your pictures really dramatic.!!

Sasha said...

What a beautiful little girl, although, she doesn't look so small anymore in the hummingbird collection. They grow up so fast.