Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Latest Around Casa Link

Couple topics for today ...
First, get ready for some SERIOUS cuteness. Here are my five most recent
and favorite shots of Killian and Norah. God, I love these two!! They are
playing so well together.

Aren't they amazingly cute?
You know who else is amazingly cute? My husband...

Now, onto David's (our) latest project. The yard!
He's been a busy little bee lately.
We did some painting recently. Actually repainting.
The office David moved into after Ireland was a dark maroon.
Something had to be done.

The first shade of blue we chose for D's office was BRIGHT!
So, we went back to the drawing board and were much happier
with the end result on the second time around.

D has also been working on the yard.
It's been a real work in progress.
Here's the run down in that department:

-Original bushes died from frost last winter
-David removed them in February
-He also removed the brick that lined that bed in front
-We bought a bunch of stuff from a nursery in March
-None of the new plants made it to the front of the house
-I attempted a relandscape in mid-May
-My efforts -- not so hot looking -- too small and random
-David dug that up a few weeks ago
-We picked replacement bushes
-David planted them and hooked up the drip lines
-He put in new paver brick around the perimeter
In other words, it's been a long time coming!

We're both so happy to have it done. He did a really nice job!
This is what he added in the front yard:

Two golden barrel cactus and a blue monster next to the front door.
That's been there since April, but the original flanking cactus were
small ones. We dug those up and planted larger ones here.

We moved the two small ones here and added to more to go
with the purple fountain grass we planted in April. It was nice
to finish this space. It's next to the driveway - in between the
front door (to the left) and the sliding glass door (to the right).

But the big project was this front bed! David put in red pavers
all the way around after leveling out the dirt. I put in that
rosemary bush to the right in May. He added the four Japanese
Boxwoods and a purple fountain grass in front. We still have
to add rock to that, but all in due time. There's usally a flower
planter up on that shelf, but I took it down to give it a little love
and extra attention after failing to water it for a few days too
many. It's coming around now though!

And in the back:

Orange tree planted in April

Chilean Mesquite, also planted in April

The plant in front is a blue agave - came with the same
April shipment

We added a few small plants to this area in the back.
A grass, elephant feed and a small verigated agave.

This is the side wall were we added four small plants.
See the big one to the left? That's a purple fountain grass,
planted in April. We added two more -- they grow fast.
So, it'll fill out in a couple of months. The two green ones
will grow to about 3 feet around and stay low as ground

That's it from our home front. Hope all is well where you are.
I'm going to go enjoy some more play time with my kids!

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