Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Now Taking Reservations

Things got hairy, and I mean hairy, around the Link house the
week between Christmas and New Years when we dog sat for Darla
and Remy, Killian's puppy parents. They were such a pleasure to have
over -- sweet, sweet dogs. They had so much fun playing that Killian
slept for three days after they left.

Of course, the occasion was documented...

After every play session came a nap session.
Their favorite place to nap was on the couch with us.
From left to right, that's Remy, Killian and then Darla.

Killian with wet paws from the pool.

Darla's shaking it out.

Killian (left) is quite a bit bigger than his parents. Rumor has it, he's the biggest one from their litter.

Darla -- sweet, playful, happy, genuine, carefree...

And beautiful!

Remy is a little more serious than Darla. He's a lover but not quite as openly. He wants to play, be close to you and get kisses, but he is also a little more independent or shy.

He's such a cute boy; I was quickly attached to him.

Darla and Killian study a piece of the rooster they literally loved to death.

Family portrait. It didn't take being around Remy and Darla for long to see where Killian got his wonderful personality. If only they could make us a sister for Killian, we'd be all set. (Do you sense a little foreshadowing there?)

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TruJen Phtography said...

Love the post. It shows where Killian gets his good looks. Nice to see you made some time for yourself this weekend.
:o) Jen