Monday, August 28, 2006

Back Track to Dundalk

Since we'll be leaving Ireland soon, I thought it was time to do some
photo housekeeping. I intended to post these pictures awhile back,
but the weekend after I took them, David's parents arrived and I got
busy. I hate going out of chronological order, but I decided to make an

Back in June, we went to Dundalk, an hour north from where we live,
for an overnight golf outing. It was a customer appreciation night hosted
by Ardmac (the company David is working for here). It was a really nice
event and sweet of them to include me in it. While the guys golfed, I went
into town for about two hours, just to check it out. Then, I came back to
the club house where I met some lovely ladies that work for Ardmac...
Gillian, Shelley and Brid. We had fun chatting and sitting in the sun.
That evening, we had a fabulous meal and a few drinks. Really fun night.
I didn't have my camera out that evening, but I took a few pictures during
the day so I could remember the town and share it with you. Here's a little
peak at Dundalk.

This is where we stayed. Ballymascanlon House Hotel.
Golf course and hotel in one. Lovely place. Beautiful grounds.

A hallway inside the hotel.

In town, I visited St. Patrick's Church...
This wasn't a planned stop, but as I walked
towards it, I just knew I had to take a closer
look. The building had such a presence.

A view from inside. It's crooked, but you get
the picture. If you want to see a few other
angles of the exterior which is
absolutely gorgeous, click here.

I had David's cell phone in my purse when I
went in there. I am not use to carrying one.
So, turning it off before I entered the church
completely escaped my mind. And of course,
it rang while I was standing right in the center
of the church. I felt like such a jack ass.
To top it off, as I rifled through my purse to
find it, I couldn't figure out how to run the damn
thing off. So, it kept ringing in my hands, which I
think was louder than when it was muffled by my
purse. I might as well have had been wearing a
t-shirt that said, "I don't go to church. I don't know
what I'm even doing in here. And if there is a hell,
I probably have a room there waiting for me." Oh well!

The rest of these pictures offer a quick snapshot of
what the town looks like. I was only on two streets,
popping in and out of shops, just poking around. So,
I didn't see a ton of it, but I thought it was really cute.

A food shop in Dundalk

A street in downtown

Part of the supermarket moved outside.

This is the art center. Cool building.

I love to see Byrne (my maiden name) everywhere
around Ireland. I'll miss being so close to my history!

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