Saturday, July 15, 2006

Old Head and Kinsale

There's a new 'He Said, She Said' in the margin. This time it's on
Rembrandt; His 400th birthday was Saturday. I've been thinking
about some things lately...The way he painted fits in line with some
of those thoughts. He worked canvas so honestly, so genuinely. He
captured things, with the rough spots clearly portrayed, even with
all 100 and some self portraits. Interestingly enough, he was the
most famous portraiture of his time. That quality in his work is
apparently something people were attracted to. Lately, I've come
to really be aware that it's a quality I look for in the people I
choose to surround myself with. My very favorite people are that
way -- candid, genuine, open, grounded, real, and unpretentious.

The quote I chose of his has to do with the way he worked, but it
also resonated with another topic that's been on my mind for the
past couple of weeks. I'll get into that later...Five posts from now
to be exact. This probably doesn't make much sense out of context.
So, let me just move on! There's a new 'From the Week'. Enjoy!


Back to our travels in Ireland. The first weekend Art and Mary were
here, we had planned to go South to Kinsale and then to Kilkenny for
the Andrea Bocelli concert. I was so excited to see him perform, but
unfortunately, the show was cancelled. So, we shifted our plans.

We still went to Kinsale, but then we headed to Waterford instead
of Kilkenny. I brought my camera along so you could travel vicariously
through my blog, but I was so busy enjoying Kinsale I didn't take that
many photos! I could have easily stayed there longer...Done two days
in Kinsale and one in Waterford, instead of the other way around. I'd
definitely go back there. Such a cute town. It's on the ocean, good
shopping, great food, and the nicest people. Plus, it's just loaded with

This sign says a hundred thousand welcomes in Irish. It was
hanging behind the bar of a pub in Kinsale. We stopped in for
a pint and a snack while catching a little of the match.

Quick story about that...England was playing that day; I can't
remember who they were playing against. Anyway, we walked
in and got settled just as it was starting. When England's
National Anthem played, this guy in the pub near the
television walked up and turned the volume down. Someone
asked him what he was doing, and he replied with, "I don't
want to listen to this shite." The English aren't on the the top
of the list of some people here. (Long history of repression, violence
and domination.) But that's not across the board, of course.
There are pockets of animosity and pockets of tolerance and
acceptance. We just witnessed an interesting pocket of animosity.

When there, we stayed in this adorable B&B called The
Olde Bakery. Tom and Chris have been there for 11 years.
We had a really nice time with them. They were so sweet.
And her breakfast was amazing.

Like father...

Like son.

Our time there flew by! Before I knew it, we
were packing up the car and heading out.
From there, we went to Old Head Golf Course...

Old Head is a beautiful golf course just
outside of town in Kinsale. The guys didn't
golf until later that day when we got to
Waterford, but Old Head is supposed to
be one of the best courses. It has the most
spectacular view!! We stopped there for them
to get some shirts as souvenirs and to drink in the
view of the beautiful coast line. Hopefully we get back
there so David can play that course...It's ridiculously
expensive, but after seeing a little bit of the area,
I would say it's worth it. A once in a lifetime kind
of experience.

The water you're seeing here is the Atlantic Ocean.

I think this is a lovely picture of Mary. She
even matches the scenery.

Art and Mary took this picture with their camera.
They caught David peaking over the edge. It's
intimidating to do that when you're standing,
especially when it's windy!

What an awesome way to spend a Saturday. This guy has
an amazing spot for fishing -- the sun was shining, the wind
was blowing, and he had front row seats to the ocean.

Do you see what I see in this picture?! The ocean foam
and bubbles formed into the shape of a big fish! I wonder
if that fisherman tried to catch it. Or maybe he hadn't
caught anything that day and he thought the ocean was
mocking him.

It was nice to do some light hiking there. It was just so beautiful.
The grassy parts of this hill were really spongy - Strange sensation
to walk on.

After dropping a few bucks at the proshop
and taking the time to appreciate the view,
we took off for Waterford. That'll be our next
stop -- I'll see you there!

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